Tosec Naming Convention (2008-07-20) - Current Problems & Issues

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Current Problems & Issues

  • Dump info flag – [f]: (also happens in [m] flag!)

Acceptance of both [f Fix] and [f Fixer] formats makes it impossible to easily know if in [f Text], the Text represents a fix or the fixer name. (accepted – use defined descript.)

  • Separation of groups / publishers:

Separation using “ - “ and “ + “ may cause problems if there are cases of publisher/group names using “ - “, although this isn’t verified yet, probably its not a problem since almost all groups using “-“ or “+” don’t use spaces too, the problem now is the huge number of existing sets where renamers separated groups with only “-“, “+” or even “ & “ and “&”.

  • Version flag (vx.yy):

This field can became problematic due to its weak format, it’s after the title and starts with “v” but if the version is made by a letter for example, and not started with numbers it may be ignored and treated as title or vice versa. Example: “Title 1 vA” is very hard or simply impossible to automatically know if vA is part of the name or version A.

  • Media Label flag:

Media label flag is now independent from media type (as in, it can be used even when media type flag doesn’t exist) makes it possible for any typo or unidentified flag separated with ( ) brackets to be identified as media label (since media label is defined as any text between ( ) at the end of the ( ) flags, also other similar problem is the case of some image originally labeled as “Pt”, “de-fr”, “preview” or any other valid value for one of the flags that appear before media label. As expected those will be parsed wrongly. Example: “Title (19xx)(-)(preview)”, if preview is a media label it will obviously be parsed wrongly as development status flag.

  • Dump info flag – [v]:

There is no standard defined on how to represent the virus version so that info could be separated, something similar to version flag should be used “Friday 13 v1.5” for example, instead of “Friday 13 1.5”. Also I suppose there could be more than one virus in one set so they must also be separated with “ - “.

  • Multi image Sets:

Even that this is a complicated subject with no easy solution, the broken part is obviously the one already pointed earlier, about contracting all flags to the end having only titles put together with “ & “, this scheme should be avoided or a better solution (if one exists) to separate titles should be defined. Demo flag can also be a global flag?

  • Groups order in flags! Important to define an order for crackers, virus, … grouped with “ - “, in cases order doesn’t matter they should be alphabetically to avoid having different versions. Ex: Title (19xx)(-)[h Ze – Hu] or Title (19xx)(-)[h Hu – Ze].
  • Rule when more than 1 publisher is used? Avoiding (publ1 – publ2) and (publ2 – publ1)
  • Flag descriptors! (a/b/f descriptors…), try use lowercases except when needed (ex. PAL)? First letter always capital? (issue: [a savegame] vs [a Savegame]). Re: lowercase

Which more flags accept descriptors not described in tnc? [m Modification Modifier] allowed???? Others???

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