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The name of the software program. This should match the official publisher's released title if known, or the name on the title screen if not known (there can often be differences between the two).
In cases where the title begins with the word "The", it should be moved to the end of the filename, and preceded by a comma. This same rule applies if the title is non-English, "De" for Dutch, "Die" for German, "Le/La/Les" for French, etc. etc. Don't do this if the title starts with "A"!

• “The Legend of TOSEC" would become "Legend of TOSEC, The"
• "A Legend of TOSEC Members" would stay "A Legend of TOSEC Members"


If you cannot make out any information regarding a title name, "ZZZ-UNK-{FILENAME}" is used in place of the unknown title. ie. "ZZZ-UNK-" is put in front of the filename. "ZZZ" to make sure these files are grouped together at the end of all lists, "UNK" for UNKnown.
Please note that we use a dash - instead of, like the Good-tools, an underscore _



Renaming a file to ZZZ-UNK- should be a last resort, and unrenamed files should not be prefixed with this simply to make the databases larger (i.e. to contain more files)
Only the so-called "Low ASCII" characters should be used. NO accents please. We know that this rule is kind of old-fashioned, but the fact is that many people will have problems with these characters.


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