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Media Label


If the disk label is required, this field should contain it. This field is always the last flag using ( ) brackets, just before the [ ] flags.
This is mainly used when a "Save Disk", "Program Disk", "Scenery Disk" etc. might be requested by the software when running. For example, (Disk 2 of 2) is not useful by itself when the program asks you to "Insert Character Disk".

Media Label Flag Samples

• Legend of TOSEC, The (1986)(Devstudio)(Disk 3 of 3)(Character Disk)
• Legend of TOSEC, The (1986)(Devstudio)(US)(Disk 1 of 2)(Program)
• Legend of TOSEC, The (1986)(Devstudio)(US)(Disk 2 of 2)(Data)
• Legend of TOSEC, The (1986)(Devstudio)(US)(Disk 2 of 2)(Disk B)
• Legend of TOSEC, The (1986)(Devstudio)(US)(Bonus Disc)


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