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This field contains any miscellaneous information about the image that is not covered by any of the prior flag fields. Notes in the [more info] field should be lowercased unless capitalization is necessary.
Note: These flags use square brackets [ ]
Note: This should always be the last flag.
Note: It is possible for a file to have more than one [more info] flags, although commas can be used to separate items also.
Examples include, but are not limited to:

• [docs]
• [SF2TURBO.BIN] (Old '8.3' capitalized DOS names)
• [req TRS-DOS]
• [data disk]
• [source code]

Full filenames could look like:
• Legend of TOSEC, The (1986)(Devstudio)[data disk]
• Legend of TOSEC, The (1986)(Devstudio)[req Super-BASIC][docs]


Also, please keep in mind that this flag is not to be used to specify the system this game/ application should be run on, in general. It's ok to use this for exceptions or minimal system specs though.

For a colecovision database, don't use:
• Legend of TOSEC, The (1986)(Devstudio)[Colecovision]
• Continued legend, The (1987)(Devstudio)[Adam]

But make a dat called "Coleco Colecovision" and call the files:
• Legend of TOSEC, The (1986)(Devstudio)
• Continued legend, The (1987)(Devstudio)[Adam]


In other words, only use the [more info] flag for 'special' cases, or use it for the system it needs at least (this could also be used in the case of Commodore Amiga with flags like [KS3.1], meaning Kickstart 3.1 is required).




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