Tosec Naming Convention (2008-07-20) - Multi Image Sets

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Multi Image Sets

The multi image sets generally represent compilations and other kind of sets that have more than one software image, as you can imagine the single sets format doesn’t work when you want to describe and catalog a set with two different programs.
The idea is to use the standard TNC single image sets format for each of the images and group them together with “ & “.
The format for multi-program images is as follows:

• Title1 (year)(publisher)[flags] & Title2 (year)(publisher)[flags] & Title3 (year)(publisher)[flags]


Representing a set made of 3 images (Title1, Title2 and Title3) and all the corresponding flags grouped together using “ & “.

Some Multi Image Sets Samples


• Amidar (19xx)(Devstudio) & Amigos (1987)(Mr. Tosec)
• Amidar (19xx)(Devstudio) & Amigos (1987)(Mr. Tosec)[a][more info]
• Amidar (19xx)(Devstudio)(preview) & Amigos (1987)(Mr. Tosec)(PD)[cr]
• Amidar (19xx)(Devstudio)[h] & Amigos (demo) (1987)(Mr. Tosec)[tr fr]


Global Flags


Using the above scheme for multi image sets may turn into a problem, large compilations or images with lots of flags or big names will end up having an enormous length, making it look bad and possibly hitting the maximum length for a filename (255 chars). A partial solution to these problems are the global flags.
In cases where there are identical multi-program images, use a dash - character as a separator after the last title entry in the image, followed by any dump info flags specific to the entire image.

• Amidar (19xx)(Devstudio)[a] & Amigos (1987)(Mr. Tosec)[a]
Could be expressed like:
• Amidar (19xx)(Devstudio) & Amigos (1987)(Mr. Tosec)-[a]

If needed renamers can compress even more flags relative to all images and not only the dump info flags, please note that you should try to have at least year and publisher flags represented separately for each image.

• Amidar (19xx)(Devstudio)(PD)(Disk 1 of 2)[a] & Amigos (1987)(Mr. Tosec)(PD)(Disk 1 of 2)[a]
Could be expressed like:
• Amidar (19xx)(Devstudio) & Amigos (1987)(Mr. Tosec)-(PD)(Disk 1 of 2)[a]


If for any reason using this you can’t came up with a small enough length and are forced to compress it a bit more, you can also put the year and publisher after the dash if they apply for both, please note that this is should only be used as a last resort since it will generate some weird file names that are difficult to parse, the dash “-“ will appear between title (+ version) and year flag, using “ & “ to separate only titles, versions and possibly demo flags.

• Paradroid 90 (19xx)(-)[h] & F.O.F.T. (19xx)(-)[h] & Black Lamp (19xx)(-)[h] & QED v2.05 (19xx)(-)[h]
Could be expressed like:
• Paradroid 90 & F.O.F.T. & Black Lamp & QED v2.05-(19xx)(-)[h]


Please note that this is totally misadvised and is only used once or twice till now in all TOSEC sets, the use of this scheme makes it impossible to easily parse each image title name since & usage is generally allowed in other flags (like title), there is no way to know if for example “Tom & Jerry & Other” are 3 separated titles (Tom / Jerry / Other) or only 2 (Tom & Jerry / Other, etc.).


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