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The language used in game.
Some systems will have a standard language, and this should be omitted from the individual entries, for example, Atmos Oric is predominantly a French system, so in an Atmos Oric database only non-French software would need this field entering. Typically, English only titles do not require marking as such.
In cases of more than two languages or countries being required, (Mx) is used to represent multiple languages, where x is the number of languages.
Ex: (M3) for 3 languages
Ex: (M4) for 4 languages
Ex: "Legend of TOSEC, The (1986)(Devstudio)(M3)"

In the case of two languages being required, both are given separated by a hyphen:
Ex: (en-fr) Contains English and French versions
Ex: (es -pt) Contains Spanish and Portuguese versions
Ex: (de-fr) Contains Deutsch and French versions

When 2 languages are in use they should be alphabetically ordered, if one is English then it always comes first [eg. (en-xx)].

Language Flag Samples

• Legend of TOSEC, The (1986)(Devstudio)(de)
• Legend of TOSEC, The (1986)(Devstudio)(pt)
• Legend of TOSEC, The (1986)(Devstudio)(de-fr)


Copyright Status

This field is used to denote the copyright status of software if applicable. If the software has been made available to the Public Domain by the copyright holder or is Freeware or Shareware etc., this is the place to note it.

If a Shareware title is registered, -R is appended to the field. This can also be used for Cardware and Giftware titles.


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