Tosec Naming Convention (2008-07-20) - Single Image Sets

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Single Image Sets

Almost all sets are single image sets and so this is the standard used in most of the images cataloged by TOSEC members, the exception to this are the multi image sets like compilations, etc., which use the same or a very similar scheme for the name of each image within the compilation, with some extra properties to distinguish the various images.
To be TNC complaint a Set must follow a well defined number of rules describing the image, currently the fields used in TNC are: title, version, demo, year, publisher, system, video, country, language, copyright status, development status, media type, media label, a group of dump info flags (cracked, fixed, hacked…), and finally the more info flag.
The format should look like this example:

• Title version (demo) (Year)(Publisher)(System)(Video)(Country)(Language)(Copyright status)(Development status)(Media Type)(Media Label)[Dump info flags][more info]


With dump info flags relative to image modifications being ordered alphabetically first (cracked, fixed, hacked, modified, pirated, trained, translated) followed by the ones related with information about the dump process in the following order: overdump, underdump, virus, baddump, alternate, gooddump (!).
So if a set had all dump flags it would look like:

• Title version (demo) (Year)(Publisher)(System)(Video)(Country)(Language)(Copyright)(Devstatus)(Media Type)(Media Label)[cr][f][h][m][p][t][tr][o][u][v][b][a][!][more info]


Although you should note that obviously no set can have all flags at the same time because some of them are incompatible with others (e.g. you can’t have a set marked as [o] and [u]at the same time, or [cr] and [!] etc.)
A final note that all flags used to classify the image are separated either with ( ) or [ ] for dump info flags and more info, also the fields marked with mandatory in the next chapters are required for the minimum use of TNC in renaming a file.
All entries marked "mandatory" are required for the minimum use of TNC in renaming a file, entries contained in parentheses "( )" or square brackets "[ ]" are flags used for classifying the image.

Note: "Title (Year)(Publisher)" is the bare minimum required for a renamed image.

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