Tosec Naming Convention (2008-07-20) - Translated – [tr]

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Translated – [tr]


Translated from its original language to other, if it is a partial translation, not fully complete, “-partial” should be appended to the language code. Also note that the language codes used in this flag are the same used in language flag.
Some of the variants are:
[tr] – Translation
[tr language] – Translated to Language
[tr language-partial] – Translated to Language (partial translation)
[tr language Translator] – Translated to Language by Translator (group or person)
[tr language1-language2] – Translated to both Language1 and Language2.
[tr language1-partial-language2-partial Translator] – Partially translated to both Language1 and language2 by Translator (group or person).

Note: Translator name is not allowed if language isn’t identified too ([tr Translator] not allowed).



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