The TOSEC Naming Convention (TNC) has been updated.

The two big changes in this revision are the removal of our previous low ASCII characters only rule, as well as disallowing completely unknown images. See below for full details:

Revision 4 (23/03/2015) changes:
- Introduction updated to be consistent with TOSEC website and Wiki page.
- "ZZZ-UNK-" removed outright, this is now a TNC fail.
- Low ASCII only restriction lifted, all Romanised names now valid.
- Removed restriction of when you have a dual language flag English must come first (they should always be alphabetical like other flags).
- Previous [h] ambiguity now corrected.
- Restriction on [more info] being lower case now lifted.
- Further grammatical errors corrected and examples given.

The TOSEC Naming Convention (TNC) has been updated.

These corrections were mainly to add more info and examples, as well as clarify some recent 'date' issues. See below for full details:

Revision 3 (27/08/2011) changes:
- Introduction rewritten to be consistent with TOSEC website and Wiki page.
- Forbidden Characters section revised.
- References to "ZZZ-UNK-" rewritten to make it clear 'unknowns' should always be avoided (as well as a return to the more strict convention of "ZZZ-UNK-" rather than "ZZZ-UNK").
- Expanded examples in Version section.
- Expanded and gave proper descriptions to possible flags in Demo section.
- Year renamed to Date to better reflect the flag usage.
- Examples expanded in Date section, including making it clear '2000-01-0x' is an acceptable date.
- Added proper descriptions to Development Status Flag possibilities.
- Added proper descriptions to Media Type Flag possibilities.
- Dump Flags section greatly expanded to more accurately describe the purpose of each flag, as well as adding more examples and clarifications.
- Current Issues appendix moved to separate document since inappropriate to include in a published spec.
- Lots of general cleaning up and improvements to general language, punctuation and grammar.

TOSEC Naming Convention (TNC) was updated today to reflect the last changes made in the past months, trying to improve it and in some cases make it a bit simplier.

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