Beyond the call of duty - TOSEC edition

For some of us, work never stops. Enjoy an exclusive picture from Gorski, who apparently won't stop renaming even when he's on the beach!
Now that's what you call dedication... :-)
In case you are wondering, he's updating the Spectrum dats. TOSEC is not just Commodore!

Endless C64 love

It is well known that C64 always gets a lot of (well deserved...) love and attention in the TOSEC dats.

Faithful to the tradition he has created, the unstoppable Duncan Twain submitted about a hundred updated dats. We are not even sure of the actual number, still counting!

On the man's own words: "lots and lots of corrections and Z64 adds". Find out more in the upcoming TOSEC release!

A lot of Genesis/Megadrive love

Thanks to mictlantecuhtle, a ton of (much needed) additions were made to the Genesis/Megadrive dat. 879 new files should be there.

Please read more details (and a plea for much-needed help) in his detailed forum post.

Firmware this!

Some interesting updates were done to the Dreamcast and 3DO Firmware dats, adding new rare and unique files and improving emulator (and even real hardware in case of DC!) functionality. See the full write-up in the following forum post:


Some (slight) GBA love

It feels kinda weird when a notorious Sega fan decides to make a trip on the dark side...

This means that the Nintendo GBA - Games dat was updated. This dat was feeling very empty before and I felt something could be done about it. Do not expect anything particularly impressive, but it's still some more games added. The good news is that most of the new additions are genuinely good games, so if you have not yet played stuff like Fire Emblem, Golden Sun or Advance Wars, do yourself a favor and go play them ASAP!

As the checksums came from dumps of original carts and it was possible to compare checksums to scene releases and other publicly available information, nice little [!] denote confirmed good dumps. This does not imply that TOSEC aspires to be a dumping project for carts (others have done a much better job at this years earlier), but if any checksums we get our hands on can be confirmed, why not use the confirmed good dump flag? ;)

In terms of naming, you may notice some disagreement if you compare our names to the (popular for GBA) Good Tools and No Intro naming schemes. I name files only in verifiable ways, not by public consensus or copying others' names. Especially GoodGBA seems more US-centric so several dumps that came from EU carts are marked US-only for it. I hope my info gets added to it at the next version as well, for those carts like Doom and Banjo that are actually confirmed to be the same for EU-US. Rest assured that every single name you see is the result of a lot of thought and comparing information. And as a final note, with a casual look at the dat you may see the (Ubi Soft)/(Ubisoft) "discrepancy" in names. It's not a mistake, feel free to check how the company was called at the respective years...

Hope you enjoy this small update, now I'm going back to doing Sega stuff! :)

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