It is well known that C-64 and lady Amiga get a lot of regular attention in TOSEC. It's about time someone looked again after the big brother of the family, who doesn't seem to get nowhere near as much love.

That is, until now. Tomse has done lots of work updating the C128 dats. Expect to see many fixes and new files, it will be a completely new experience for the C-128 part of TOSEC!

Rumor has it, that he has also turned his attention to the small brother of the family, so there are hopes for a similar treatment for the VIC-20...stay tuned!

For some of us, work never stops. Enjoy an exclusive picture from Gorski, who apparently won't stop renaming even when he's on the beach!
Now that's what you call dedication... :-)
In case you are wondering, he's updating the Spectrum dats. TOSEC is not just Commodore!

Some interesting updates were done to the Dreamcast and 3DO Firmware dats, adding new rare and unique files and improving emulator (and even real hardware in case of DC!) functionality. See the full write-up in the following forum post:


It is well known that C64 always gets a lot of (well deserved...) love and attention in the TOSEC dats.

Faithful to the tradition he has created, the unstoppable Duncan Twain submitted about a hundred updated dats. We are not even sure of the actual number, still counting!

On the man's own words: "lots and lots of corrections and Z64 adds". Find out more in the upcoming TOSEC release!

Thanks to mictlantecuhtle, a ton of (much needed) additions were made to the Genesis/Megadrive dat. 879 new files should be there.

Please read more details (and a plea for much-needed help) in his detailed forum post.

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