Tosec Naming Convention (2008-07-20) - Fixed – [f]

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Fixed – [f]


Hack added for extra functionality.
The variants are:
[f] – Fixed
[f Fix] – Fix added
[f Fixer] – Fixed by Fixer (group or person)
[f Fix Fixer] – Fix added by Fixer (group or person)

In cases where there is more than one Fix or Fixer, they can be separated like the group names in other dump flags, for example, [f Fix1 group1 + Fix2 group2] – fix1 was made by group1 and fix2 was made by group2.

Some examples of fixes (complete list of all used fixes will be provided later):
NTSC = Fixed for NTSC
copier = Fixed for gamecopiers
save = hiscore save function added

Note: Renamers must try to use fixes already used before if they fit for the situation, this means that if “copier” is already defined there is no need to use “copier” in one set and “gamecopier” in another (if they represent the same thing, off course).

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