Work in Progress... Sega

As Spring is almost upon us, it was time for some extensive spring cleaning of the Dreamcast Firmware dat! Apart from renaming all existing sets in the dat, one more retail Dreamcast BIOS and one more Devkit BIOS were added. This new dat reflects newer knowledge acquired in the recent years and is in line with current Demul and MAME builds.

None of this would have been possible without the kind help of MetalliC, who gave me most of the really important information. Therefore he wins a well-deserved place among the dat authors despite not being an actual member of Tosecdev. Thank you!

PS: the previously marked [h] of 1.001d is actually a translation, replacing Japanese with Chinese. However it is marked as bad because it fails the HOLLY protection checks. This means it can't be used on real hardware! It works fine on emulators, as the HOLLY algorithm is unknown and not implemented in any emulator.

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