Work in Progress... Sega

After a long hiatus, work has been resumed in the Sega Dreamcast dats. Expect to see some long overdue updates for the system soon.

In the US dat, several ringcode/audio variants of USA GD-ROMs were added.

In the PAL dat, there are several newly verified dumps. Most of them will be more interesting to our French-speaking friends. The list of new additions includes French versions of Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver, The Nomad Soul, Tomb Raider Chronicles ('Tomb Raider - Sur les Traces de Lara Croft') and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ('Qui Veut Gagner Des Millions'). Also added v1.002 of Metropolis Street Racer, which was the intermediate bugfix version. Now all 3 known versions of MSR are verified.

Thanks go to everyone that submitted their dump information!

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