F0XHOUND's Romulus has been updated to v0.014.

Further details can be found here: (or click 'READ MORE...')

- ADDED Filter option button at Generator to make selections to export at Generator list. This is usefull for example to split a DAT making the selection of "(USA)" text save the DAT and invert selection to save a DAT with the rest of regions.
- ADDED in Scanner menu at right hand buttons panel a new button to jump to current directories at Windows Explorer.
- ADDED in Scanner at Sets list popup menu an option to jump in Windows Explorer to selected set.
- ADDED in Scanner at Sets list popup menu an option to extract to selected directory of desktop the selected set.
- ADDED in Scanner at Sets list popup menu an option to make an Smart search in Google of selected set.
- ADDED French language at Settings option. Thanks to Kaito Kito for translation.
- ADDED correct decoding for special chars at Google searches.
- ADDED Webbrowser middle mouse button hook to open clicked link in a new tab.
- ADDED Silent control of exceptions. Now exceptions will not be showed.
- CHANGED Compiler with a third party. Seems is more accurate and makes best use of memory.
- CHANGED Romulus main window is restored when application is minimized and the processing panel used when load a dat, sending to generator, etc terminates.
- CHANGED in Webbrowser when trying to open a link if only one tab exists and is about:blank then not open a new tab, opens at current one.
- CHANGED When enter to a Tedit control automatic is selectall.
- CHANGED at importation a control of extensions for Samples and CHD files if this not exists then will be added *.WAV and *.CHD.
- CHANGED Removed the current community trading unused code for decrease the size of application. Maybe in future if is needed will be readded.
- CHANGED added custom popup menu to Tedit controls. Copy, Cut, Paste and Selectall.
- CHANGED Webbrowser navigator url bar is set to green if is a secure connection url.
- UPDATED CHDMAN to 0.145u5.
- UPDATED RAR to 4.11 version.
- UPDATED Unrarlib to 4.11 version.
- UPDATED Ziplib to 1.2.6 version.
- UPDATED CHDMAN params to work with the last version of CHDMAN necessary to check the last CHDs files.
- FIXED a bug that can not recover the last focussed control when changing of main menu tabs.
- FIXED some cases RAR multivolume files with comments as not valid RAR files.
- FIXED counting SETS and ROMS at end of Scan / Rebuild for large profiles.
- FIXED random cases not showing modal Windows and application freezes.
- FIXED at directory maker problems when no ROMs exists in profile and checks now for CHDs and SAMPLES.
- FIXED exportation to HTML and open it in Romulus Webbrowser if is set as default.
- FIXED Webbrowser font size selector, now is set with trackbar the size of font and not zoom that needs more CPU usage and can freezes the application.
- FIXED Webbrowser search for text not writing to HTML the highlight code, now makes search selecting the current text found and is need to push the next button for next match or prior button.
- FIXED Webbrowser problems destroying tabs that sometimes hangs and closes the application.
- FIXED Webbrowser problems showing properties option.
- FIXED Webbrowser memory leaks that can hangs or make application crashes. Now webbrowser is more stable.
- FIXED Webbrowser some problems getting favicon, now is more fast and works in secure webs (HTTPS).
- FIXED transparent default icon at tabs.

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