F0XHOUND's Romulus has been updated to v0.015.

Further details can be found here: (or click 'READ MORE...')



- ADDED Trayicon to show/hide application, you can use it to hide when batch runs, scan, rebuild etc. Romulus icon will show a balloon message when important processes are done. Mr Ravik request.
- ADDED General settings possibility to remove Trayicon if user prefer not display it.
- ADDED UAC (User Control Access) checks to Romulus, special feature for Windows Vista users that can have problems with privileges.
- ADDED Column click sorting at profiles list, scanner list and emulators list. Mr Ravik request.
- ADDED to INI file the with of profiles list columns to restore it when Romulus is restarted. Mr Ravik request.
- ADDED recursive display folders at profiles. Just use popup menu in profiles tree and activate the option. Mr Ravik idea.
- ADDED from Folders settings an option to change the temporal directory. SpaceAgeHero request.
- ADDED Sleep/Power off prevention at general settings. Mr Ravik idea.
- ADDED Autocomplete for Webbrowser saving the typed urls at Urls.lst file, and placed the Edit component for a Combobox.
- ADDED Webbrowser a favorites option to add and go to your added favorites Urls, saved at Urls.lst file.
- ADDED Settings - advanced - forzed multicpu for compression in compressors that can do this.
- ADDED Settings - advanced - create solid archives for compression in compressors that can do this.
- ADDED Settings - advanced - possibity to dissable search for bad dump and duplicates at end of scan saving time.
- ADDED Settings - advanced - change timeout for offlinelist downloads, updates and images. 10 seconds as default.
- ADDED to log, batch information number.
- ADDED Windows Vista/7 hints visual styles.
- ADDED Scanner to fields search list "Clone of" field for all profiles except Offlinelist.
- ADDED Scanner to fields search list "Language, Publisher, Save type, Source and Comments" fields for Offlinelist profiles.
- ADDED NTFS HDD format check when start to scan/rebuild, log will show a warning if format drive is not NTFS, but will start to process anyway. Remember NTFS can handle files with more than 4Gb and FAT32 not.
- UPDATED CHDMAN to 0.146u1 needed to check some of last CHD files.
- CHANGED ported Timage to Timage32 component that is more accurate.
- CHANGED some routines of destroying webbrowser tabs increasing the speed.
- IMPROBED control of exceptions, now Romulus is more stable.
- FIXED a bug rebuilding files when MD5 and/or SHA1 checksums are forzed and this checksums are not available in profile making the file not match when really matches.
- FIXED German - Turkish language for Offlinelist that was displayed as Unknow.
- FIXED Lost dissapeared mouse cursor when types at Edit component.
- FIXED if extraction of compressed file fails the incomplete extracted file is removed.
- FIXED Exportation friendfix dat default filename now is not trimmed.
- FIXED Offlinelist filesizes with spaces found at AdvanScene PSP.
- FIXED tab counter at Webbrowser when the tab closing.
- FIXED rare random Out of resources bug that not displays sometimes a image and can crash application.
- FIXED Minor general bugs.

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