Roman Scherzer's ClrMamePro has been updated to v4.05.

Further details can be found here: (or click 'READ MORE...' below).

- added: profiler options option to prompt for software lists import during MAME/MESS import
- added: chdman settings option to optionally show version mismatches during scan
- misc: auto expand not fixed items in tree control
- misc: improved scanner matching for identical named sets / softwarelists (with BIOS roms)
- misc: updated to latest ziparchive lib
- misc: updated to latest unrar lib
- misc: scanner adv option to remove not renamed sets to backup now also applies to roms
- misc: removed border from tree scan output (minor cosmetics)
- fixed: warning about missing sysdefpaths rarely shows only "..." instead of list
- fixed: batch rebuilding doesn't care about forcepacking attributes in dats


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