Work In Progress... Coleco ColecoVision

Today the entire ColecoVision hierarchy has been redone from scratch by Cassiel and Ikrananka.

ALL commercially released software has been re-dumped and verified, resulting in many hacks and bad dumps being identified and new clean images being added. In addition, many new hacks and homebrew images have been added too.

None of this would be possible without the outstanding work done by Ikrananka and his ColecoVision ROM Update Project. Ikrananka, with help from AtariAge members NIAD, Pixelboy and others, worked tirelessly to compile a complete and clean set of ROM files for all of the titles commercially released for the ColecoVision from inception through to, and including, the 1980s Telegames releases.

I would strongly recommend reading all about this amazing project here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/228832-cv-rom-update-project-commercial-releases-v12/

Ikrananka's documentation on the many variants and regional differences is particularly fascinating if you are a fan of the ColecoVision.

Well done to everyone involved!

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