Crashdisk's ADF-Workshop has been updated to v20150426.

Further details can be found here: or click 'READ MORE' below.




- Added partial support of Warp files (no decompression!)
- Added option to hide the results not TOSEC
  (Global options/ADF analyze/Options...)
- Added system to avoid hash collisions during identification by CRC32
- Added support for debugging encrypted files
- Added support for ADF files protected with 3 versions of Meikel's Password-Tool
  (Global options/Meikel's Password-Tool support)
- Added an option to display a pseudo password for DMS files
  (Global options/DMS decryption/Find pseudo password)
- Improved identification files
- Improved detection of doscopy
- Improved and fixed calculation of dates and times
- Updated external database to detect ads/loader
- Updated internal database to detect executable
- Updated auto-fix DMS databases
- Updated auto-decrypt DMS databases
- Fixed an infinite loop when parsing a corrupted DMS file
- Fixed of the repair of the damage by Saddam virus
- Fixed some stuff

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