F0XHOUND's Romulus has been updated to v0.027.

Further details can be found here: or click 'READ MORE' below.

- ADDED Percentage indicator to progressbars.
- CHANGED Importation automatic overwrite for same name profiles. If more than one profile exists with same name, will ask again.
- FIXED Windows XP compatibility. Now can run on XP again :)
- FIXED Windows 8 Hint styles again.
- FIXED Importation CHD filenames duplicated file extension.
- FIXED Directory maker wrong counter displaying.
- FIXED Error reading DATs set as readonly.
- FIXED XML Headers load when offsets has HEX format.
- FIXED some problems rebuilding files already existing in Romspath with XML Headers activated causing a read error problem.
- FIXED MS-DOS command line unicode bug when is used a not TrueType font. Thanks to xTMODx to discover this bug.
- FIXED Detection of inverted CRCs when Headers are enabled.
- FIXED Inverted CRCs when scanning in no compression option.
- FIXED Save log option. Bug report by xTMODx
- FIXED Search in google option complex query encoding
- IMPROVED Rebuild files with XML Headers activated. Now duplicate and unneeded files are removed.
- IMPROVED Speed of generation MS-DOS Commands.
- IMPROVED Detection of desktop available region without taskbar to set position of forms.
- IMPROVED Speed of application launch.
- UPDATED CHDMAN to 0.158 version.
- FIXED minor bugs.


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