TNC Update (2015-03-23)

The TOSEC Naming Convention (TNC) has been updated.

The two big changes in this revision are the removal of our previous low ASCII characters only rule, as well as disallowing completely unknown images. See below for full details:

Revision 4 (23/03/2015) changes:
- Introduction updated to be consistent with TOSEC website and Wiki page.
- "ZZZ-UNK-" removed outright, this is now a TNC fail.
- Low ASCII only restriction lifted, all Romanised names now valid.
- Removed restriction of when you have a dual language flag English must come first (they should always be alphabetical like other flags).
- Previous [h] ambiguity now corrected.
- Restriction on [more info] being lower case now lifted.
- Further grammatical errors corrected and examples given.

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