TOSEC Release! (2018-07-27)

As you probably know by now, the announcement of the end of the project in our previous release was a pretty crude April fools joke, which actually somehow convinced 2-3 people. Sorry guys!

So, as we are really still around, the time has now come for our midsummer release. Whether you are already on vacation or still sweating it at work, we hope that you enjoy it and that you have a great summer! As usual, there's plenty of stuff to keep you busy.

The pack can be found in our downloads section. As always, make sure to peruse the readme.txt (or click 'READ MORE...') and feel free to join in in the forum with any related discussion.


Below we sum up the major changes in this release:
 * Duncan Twain updated his Commodore dats. He said that this is a
maintenance release. While there are no new files, there's a ton of
necessary corrections and improvements.
 * Lady Amiga got some more love from mai and crashdisk
 * mictlantecuhtle continues his epic fight with obscure systems no
other man is brave enough to tackle, bringing them closer to the
mainstream. But he has also done a lot of work on several well known
and loved systems like Apple II and IBM PC
 * Tomse and Maddog continued work in their specific fields of interest,
adding a wealth of updates to Commodore and Dreamcast ISOs respectively.
 * Maddog also started updating the long-dormant NEC PC Engine HuCard dats.
He claims that he wants them to be the most accurate dats for this system
as there are several glaring problems with dats coming from other sources.
There are already many additions to get you started and also to tickle
your rom-hunting skills.
Finally, since you are probably bored of only
seeing ISO updates for Commodore and Sega, several new NEC PC Engine CD
and GameCube ISOs were added by a datter who wishes to remain anonymous.

That's about it, enjoy the release!


All folders and contents should be self-explanatory. All necessary
CUEs are also included. There are also some scripts included to
assist in creating TOSEC folders, and some 'move' scripts for those
of you using RomVault. As usual, be careful with long pathnames in
some OSes. Best advice is to use your folders as close as possible
to the root of the drive.

For all the latest work-in-progress news, as well as expanded details
on all upcoming changes and additions, keep up to date by visiting
us at:


The TOSEC Team

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