F0XHOUND's Romulus has been updated to v0.026.

Further details can be found here: or click 'READ MORE' below.

- ADDED to Portable Executable header flag support up to 4Gb of RAM Usage instead of 2Gb as default.
- ADDED Decimals to Statistics completion percent status.
- ADDED Windows 8 correct hint styles.
- FIXED Importation duplicates roms and sets names detection.
- FIXED Importation problem detection clones when no merged files exists.
- FIXED Importation problem with last Softlists DATs where in some cases displays duplicated Set names.
- FIXED Importation. Add .chd extension if not exists in CHD filename.
- FIXED Importation some mixing filenames in sets at some last MESS CHD Softlists DATs
- FIXED Wrong displaying scan results introduced in 0.024 version when fixing files in some special cases.
- FIXED Creating duplicates ROMs at end of scan when profile contains baddumps or records without CRC information.
- FIXED Creating duplicates with compressed unicode filenames.
- FIXED Problems locating correct file to jump to directory using Scanner sets list popupmenu.
- FIXED "AGAIN" Flashing and lost focus problem when scan/rebuild with Romulus hidden in tray.
- FIXED Updater option random bug when trying to download updates list and never finish a loop.
- FIXED Updater random no display profiles problem.
- FIXED Fixdat creation using Scanner section button when main profiles list is empty.
- FIXED Savedialog autohidden folders list when displaying.
- FIXED Wrong icon display in detail set list of Scanner of folder icon.
- FIXED Updater displaying information random lost information.
- FIXED Some recovery and lost Community window focus events.
- IMPROVED Download function. Now connects more fast. For example getting Offlinelist images.
- IMPROVED Importation indexation for new imported DATs. Now for rebuild process is up to 50% more fast.
- IMPROVED Importation detection of duplicate filenames and checksums. If filename in a set is same now checksum is checked if same rom is ignored if different renamed.
- IMPROVED Speed autocomplete Urls when typed at Webbrowser navigation Edit.
- IMPROVED Speed displaying Scanner main tab when moving inside main Form tabs.
- IMPROVED Integrated webbrowser memory usage.
- UPDATED Integrated Web browser with default user agent as "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT X.Y; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko" that increases compatibility with some Urls.
- UPDATED Torrent7zip to 0.9.2 version fixing some problems found by MrTikki. Thanks.
- FIXED minor bugs.

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