F0XHOUND's Romulus has been updated to v0.023.

Further details can be found here: or click 'READ MORE' below.

- ADDED Special recoding optimization for lists. Now scrolling and displaying in real time is up to x10 more fast.
- ADDED Incremental search in lists. Automatic move focus to the text starting with key pressed. Mareo request.
- ADDED to Generator Treelist mode display with full expand and full collapse option at popup menu.
- ADDED Experimental RAM memory manager to decrease general RAM usage.
- ADDED Speed hack when displaying scanner window. When a profile has thousand and thousand of roms in other Romulus versions can take some seconds to open it.
- ADDED Stop and refresh options at integrated webbrowser popup menu. Maero request.
- ADDED Japanese language. Thanks to Xiao
- ADDED Autodetection of Japanese language at startup the first use of Romulus and set it as default.
- ADDED Support for Offlinelist DATs with Unicode information.
- CHANGED Offlinelist profiles updated automatic not show profile info and not ask to continue now.
- CHANGED Default font from Tahoma to Segoe UI. Seems more accurate to display all languages.If this font don't exists in system will be added automatic.
- CHANGED Default directories for resources and extract files as X:\TMP\RES and X:\TMP\EXT0
- FIXED Displaying property unicode texts in Windows versions with different set region of English. Thanks to Xiao
- FIXED Option for drag n drop files into Romulus for Windows Vista and later users using Settings option.Thanks to Xiao
- FIXED Save UTF8 textfiles in Oriental OS Systems where codepage is different. This affects to reports (HTML and TXT), XML exportation and saving log. Thanks to Xiao
- FIXED Max text length limit of 256 chars for log.
- FIXED Memory problem found importing last MAME DATs.
- FIXED Unicode displaying information for Update DAT window.
- FIXED Unicode displaying information for Directory maker window.
- FIXED Importation error for Clrmame DATs with no description for Sets found on The Wizard of DATz. Bug reported by Maero.
- FIXED Importation error when an Offlinelist or Romcenter DAT is imported or updated and you try to import other DATs later.
- FIXED Importation from MAME Based EXE fails in some cases caused by a wrong initialization of a variable. Bug reported by Maero.
- FIXED Importation XML files where separator brackets are between to lines. Thanks to Xiao
- FIXED Importation Offlinelist DATs where Releasenumber field not exists. Thanks to Xiao
- FIXED Scanner window folder list focus when batch scan/rebuild in some special cases.
- FIXED taskbar indeterminate progressbar not ends when batch scan with popupmenu of profiles section.
- FIXED Special XML conversions like & when exports. Bug reported by Maero.
- FIXED Problem overwriting files like when generate your own DAT.
- FIXED Comboboxes dropdown max visible list count is set to 10 at default and works with themes.
- FIXED Broken Offlinelist filters.
- FIXED Displaying Scanner option smile faces sometimes when other tabs are closed.
- FIXED Displaying backslash symbol like in pathes in asian Windows versions.
- FIXED Correct displaying of backup path from right menu folders button at scanner option.
- FIXED Importation CHDs and SAMPLEs without extension in DAT, extension not added if filename has points.
- FIXED random problem closing process window and application infinite loop.
- FIXED Settings section left list focus at show settings.
- FIXED Transparency bug at PNG files loaded by Offlinelist profiles.
- FIXED Flashing taskbar sometimes non stops.
- FIXED Recovery focus control when other forms open and close.
- FIXED Some components not correct converted to UNC to display correctly.
- FIXED Some memory leaks found that can cause application crash.
- UPDATED CHDMAN to 0.152 version.

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