Roman Scherzer's ClrMamePro has been updated to v4.06.

Further details can be found here: (or click 'READ MORE...' below).


misc: reset profile to not scanned in case scan was skipped
misc: changed the error message for .7z files which aren't 7z archives
misc: made the three settings/compressor/general options list archive files with comments, +rsh, double names global options. You need to reset them if you used them before
misc: download failure messages are shown in the warnings window instead of a prompt
misc: show file and rom names in progress dialog for rom uneeded check/rom if set is not compressed
misc: general speed up for fix-missing decompressed files
added: CMPro_TempFolder and CMPro_TempFolder_Clean settings to cmpro.ini to let you select the cmpro folder and optionally clean it on startup. Default value is the cmpro temp folder and data gets initially removed. You need to start/quit cmpro once to see this setting
added: logging warnings window entries to cmpro.log (cleared on startup)
added: set information boxes to include devices and/or bios automatically
fixed: chdman verify check fails for rompaths with spaces
fixed: newly created exe profiles can falsely takeover system default settings from loaded profile
fixed: chdversion check for merged sets can hide the result
fixed: xml parser failure when hitting an ending and starting xml comment in one line
fixed: falsely show full set as missing in case of removing unneeded files from decompressed sets

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