F0XHOUND's Romulus has been updated to v0.030.

Further details can be found here: or click 'READ MORE' below.

- ADDED Option in Settings - Advanced to enable RAR5 format compression for new created RAR files. This option is dissabled by default. Thanks to James O'Grady
- ADDED Cache save on uncompressed files on rebuild."No need to scan again to save cache"
- ADDED Euskera/Basque language by Agus and Mikel and Laura.
- ADDED Euskera/Basque OS language detection at startup Romulus first time and set it as default.
- ADDED to Updater option "Rawdump".A new dumpers group with normal options like detect new, updated or outdated profiles.
- OPTIMIZATION Loading profiles gain up to 15% of speed.
- OPTIMIZATION Updater search profiles function. Now is up to x3 more fast.
- FIXED Offlinelist sorting by clicked column when filters are enabled.
- FIXED Broken loaded profile search by fields option.
- FIXED Random memory problem that cause wrong center Forms when showing.
- FIXED Report saving report information using Scanner - report button.
- FIXED Cache deletion when user add new files to rebuild and set skip scan when done.
- FIXED Cache lost previous results when new scan/rebuild is stopped by user.
- FIXED Delay when trying to launch an open/save file dialog and some rare times a complete freeze.
- FIXED Problem hide to tray when user tryed last time to hide application when a file dialog was displaying.
- FIXED Delete file error when rebuilding Zip files but file is handled as a single one.
- FIXED Error when a destination ROM is trimmed and a rebuilded one has correct size and destination file is compress in Zip with only one file inside.
- FIXED Invisible scan window when minimized application and log window is visible.
- FIXED Quick show and hide log window when finish a batch process.
- FIXED Flicker effect for progressbar percent displaying.
- FIXED Community Form stayontop params. Now always is upper of Romulus but not other apps.
- FIXED Wrong display in profiles columns list. Column path information when drag'n drop a profile to other left side treepath and is displaying All profiles at same time.
- FIXED Manual extraction in loaded profile list when multiselect.
- FIXED Send to generator problem when source profile has only one set.
- FIXED More colors update problems when user changes system colors and themes when Romulus is running.
- FIXED Minor bugs.

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