ClrMame Pro

Roman Scherzer's ClrMamePro has been updated to v4.0210.

Further details can be found here: (or click 'READ MORE...' below).



fixed: possible crash with corrupt settings file
fixed: rare issue where a sample parent set with no samples for its own and multi-softwarelist support is marked as unneeded
fixed: possible crash on cmpro start on read-only device or full device
fixed: structural issues and possible crash when using dats with releases and run into double name issues
fixed: double name check when using releases
fixed: some dialogs don't use "MS Sans Serif" as font...
fixed: adjusted some warning messages to use [SOFT] instead of [LIST]
fixed: setinformation "hide parent" does not work for listed disks
fixed: unpacked set with chds can be falsely detected as misplaced
fixed: rare typo based bug in checking unneeded sets/chds
fixed: hashcollision sets with nodumps can create circular fix-unneeded/fix-missing scenarios
misc: better unneeded detection of chds within an identical setnames relation (softwarelists/Non-Software List)
misc: better wrong sysdefpath detection of chds within an identical setnames relation (softwarelists/Non-Software List)
added: automatically detect mame and mess as xml root elements
added: supporting biossets with samples (and sampleof) elements

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