Important TOSEC Announcement

It has recently come to our attention here in the main TOSEC branch that our current TNC may be too old fashioned and not in keeping with the current computing climate. Whilst we have received consistently high praise for our detailed, logical and constantly evolving naming scheme, it does still have one fatal flaw: it remains 'text' based. In this new always accessible, highly visual, dumbed down 2.0 consumer user space, I'm afraid this just doesn't cut it anymore.

In order to rectify this, TOSEC are proposing an important change during 2012. Instead of retaining software details, dump info flags and so on for each set/file, these will now ALL be stripped out. Only software name will remain. In its place, for each software set (currently running at 436,479 as of last release) we will create a full length AVI video capturing every aspect of the software or game, a full walk thru if you will. From title screen (containing traditional Year and Publisher etc.) to the Game Over screen. Each AVI will accompany each ROM/image, in every set. DATs to be updated shortly.

Using Xvid and MP3 encoding, we anticipate each AVI will occupy around 150MB to 900MB per file. I'm sure everyone can agree that's a perfectly acceptable compromise.

On behalf of the TOSEC project, I look forward to this exciting new initiative and invite you all to share any comments you may have in our forum (either written, or 'visually' if stringing a sentence together is too taxing):


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