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It took us some time, being the old geezers we (well, some of us) are, but we finally joined the rest of the world and TOSEC now has its own Discord!

Feel free to join, ask your questions, submit data and help, or simply hang out with us!

Here is your invitation:

As you can see, our website suffered a couple of changes in the last days. The site and forum software were upgraded to newer major versions, adding new features and bug fixes. In addition to this, the login and register process is now done directly in the forum. The website/project has also become a bit more “social”, which will hopefully help us post more frequently.

Feel free to give us feedback or report issues in the forum or using the Contact Us page.

Section "The Project" has been updated and expanded with more information and background.

As you may have noticed our website suffered some instability during the last weeks. We had some major hardware issues which are now solved and the site was restored to an older backup.

Unfortunately a few posts since our last release were lost (as well as the ones posted during this week), feel free to post it again and sorry for the inconvenience.

The software used on our website and some of its components were updated to the latest stable versions in order to solve some bugs (or try to). If something unusual occurs or stops working please post a note on our forums (or pm me).

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