ADF-Workshop is utility developed by Crashdisk to manage Amiga ADF collections.

Why this name? Originally, Crashdisk wrote a small program to understand the structure of DMS and discover programming with PureBasic. Gradually, more features and options. A year and a half later, this is the result of his work, used to improve Amiga TOSEC dats.


  • Support reading of the files ADF, ADZ, DMS and ABB (bootblock)
  • Conversion to ADF
  • Automatic decryption of protected DMS
  • Bug workaround for some bugged DMS
  • Extraction of additional content for DMS
  • Fusion of several files (to apply a DMS patch or join a DMS file divided into parts)
  • Comparison and identification with TOSEC database
  • Search engine in the TOSEC database (standard ADF only)
  • Recognition of bootblock
  • Support for ABR (Amiga Bootblock Reader) database by jasonver2.0
  • Viewing or extract files on the disk as well as their health status
  • Identification of some viruses/trojan/link-virus (but this is not an antivirus!)
  • Fix some damage (Saddam virus, Pestilence virus, overflow bootblock)
  • Batch mode
  • Other stuff more or less useful :D
  • 100% written in PureBasic
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