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Title: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: Cassiel on April 13, 2012, 03:41:12 AM

OpenPandora Pandora - Demos (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
OpenPandora Pandora - Educational (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)

Nintendo 64 - Games (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
Nintendo Game Boy - Games (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Demos (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
Nintendo Super Famicom & Super Entertainment System - Games (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
Nintendo Virtual Boy - Demos (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
Nintendo Virtual Boy - Games (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
Nintendo Virtual Boy - Samplers (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
OpenPandora Pandora - Applications (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
OpenPandora Pandora - Games (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
Sega 32X - Games (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
Sega Game Gear - Games (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
Sega Mark III & Master System - Games (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
Sega Mega Drive & Genesis - Games (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
Sega Pico - Educational (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
Sega Pico - Samplers (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
SNK Neo-Geo Pocket Color - Games (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)


Sega Dreamcast - Firmware (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
Sega Mega-CD & Sega CD - Firmware (TOSEC-v2012-04-13_CM)
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: Cassiel on April 14, 2012, 11:41:04 PM

Nintendo Super Famicom & Super Entertainment System - Games (TOSEC-v2012-04-14_CM)
OpenPandora Pandora - Applications (TOSEC-v2012-04-14_CM)
OpenPandora Pandora - Games (TOSEC-v2012-04-14_CM)
Sega Pico - Educational (TOSEC-v2012-04-14_CM)
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: xvid on April 24, 2012, 05:51:18 PM

something must be wrong with your Pandora files, I did download all new files from but only 35 files match your CRCs, the other 115 files 1,7 GB are not.
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: Cassiel on April 24, 2012, 05:54:19 PM
Well I have had other people test the Pandora DATs, without issue. Have you got a specific example for me to take a look at?
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: xvid on April 24, 2012, 06:06:37 PM
That are the CRCs when you download the new files from

c820f7cb   aaaa.20110915.022723.pnd
7f4123cf   aaaa.20110916.003526.pnd
29ea1e46   aaaa.20110927.121857.pnd
7fddd6fb   BeastieWorker.20120409.070448.pnd
56122a2e   caph.pnd
dc268f97   chromium.pnd
f6daa839   chromiumbsu.20120405.161938.pnd
4e621b8d   chromiumbsu.pnd
d8363267   CorsixTH.pnd
08619b9e   cpuvextor.pnd
ddb05cf3   daydream.pnd
cf300911   deadlycaves.pnd
151f5630   dinodefense.20120404.144224.pnd
4b51991f   dinodefense.20120406.160209.pnd
4a13e704   dinodefense.20120407.072346.pnd
1c3c310a   dinodefense.pnd
27328301   Dosbox.pnd
3ebbb8f3   dukto.20120405.165803.pnd
589e0ad2   dukto.pnd
5a1a216f   EB.pnd
119432fd   edgar.20120410.164059.pnd
995bd7e7   edgar.pnd
b93fd6d4   fachoda-complex.20120313.152016.pnd
c6ab50d5   fachoda-complex.20120313.160852.pnd
3b1fc588   fachoda-complex.pnd
cd3231cf   fba.20120129.234735.pnd
79fc545e   fba.20120131.001935.pnd
06c8a90d   fba.20120202.191928.pnd
a6046ba6   fba.20120203.171548.pnd
6ea28fa2   fba.20120210.190142.pnd
5ae126ef   fba.20120211.185818.pnd
59514966   fba.20120213.202805.pnd
a2ae0613   fba.20120226.195511.pnd
ccec76f3   fba.20120301.154322.pnd
bf4adfbf   fba.20120305.224117.pnd
a83e175a   fba.20120310.135518.pnd
bee4cc13   fba.20120310.144813.pnd
6b3e8f3d   fba.20120311.202842.pnd
e0e206c1   fba.20120313.193314.pnd
18984383   fba.20120320.201450.pnd
b69be84e   fba.20120325.151218.pnd
50c1fee6   fba.pnd
055bd21f   fileroller.pnd
03ef81d0   firefox-11.0-1.pnd
aefab1c6   Firewhip.20120310.132503.pnd
e1103d54   Firewhip.pnd
4cd847ae   fmn.20111109.003536.pnd
ba206609   fmn.20111110.203937.pnd
c8e465cf   fmn.20111120.154839.pnd
9df96307   fmn.20111120.223024.pnd
e3ad8a3d   fmn.20111123.003241.pnd
5ed870d1   fmn.pnd
a1cd3840   ftw.20120411.201738.pnd
c27f611b   gemrb070.pnd
81217527   get-flash-videos_r2.20120410.215301.pnd
f7a19565   golly.pnd
ae31893f   hellspider.pnd
0f103cc8   JCloisterZone.pnd
fd08e093   LOAD81.pnd
cb1a5b84   milkyhelper.20120409.172528.pnd
ce809463   milkyhelper.pnd
5f3b5b33   minitube.20110530.122643.pnd
2b5ced2f   minitube143.20110530.122643.pnd
7b2d9d06   minitube150.20110812.082342.pnd
f0bd7c21   mumble.20120412.151708.pnd
aaca8f21   mumble.pnd
4926507e   mypaint.20120409.035042.pnd
cddd82fa   mypaint.20120410.012859.pnd
e6d6c0a0   mypaint.pnd
25cc9c3a   nightvision.pnd
56bdb003   NoteCasePro-3.6.3.pnd
ed0518eb   opendune.pnd
43c72e48   Opentitus.20120328.202739.pnd
35a38fc0   Opentitus.pnd
dc0a2527   PandaBAS.20120303.213533.pnd
e2e9936a   PandaBAS.20120312.143534.pnd
c911221f   PandaBAS.20120323.181242.pnd
ea4ee644   PandaBAS.20120324.114509.pnd
00a191ec   PandaBAS.pnd
7d017a7d   pandafe.pnd
1835a3a2   panmame.pnd
e131e64f   panmess.20120321.180550.pnd
e18a1835   panmess.pnd
177623ba   pcsx_rearmed_r14.pnd
96531df4   pndmanager.pnd
bc1622e8   powder.pnd
5ecb8dea   puzzletube.20120124.220932.pnd
2d935a79   qemu.pnd
a5096ba5   racer3d.pnd
9091136e   rockbot-beta1.pnd
8f1b6168   rockbox-2012-03-02.pnd
9b54b8fe   sd_install.pnd
0d01ef6d   Sitwell.pnd
a8d934a3   smplayer2_r3.20120304.051623.pnd
020ef86b   smplayer2_r4.pnd
80b3b429   snes9x4p_20120223.20120223.162825.pnd
0bc1df4b   snes9x4p_20120225.20120225.095758.pnd
fb3df135   snes9x4p_20120226.pnd
57ab0aaf   sqrisland.mrz.20120403.221251.pnd
2fe2a438   sqrxz3-v.latest-pandora.pnd
19c34b16   starfighter.20120310.130634.pnd
03d1ecc4   starfighter.pnd
af7122de   stringrolled.pnd
5bedce6f   testsparrow.pnd
91a13eb8   trelby.pnd
3b1aa592   UAE4ALLv1.
554eb76f   UAE4ALLv1.1.1.28.pnd
e2db4ebb   vilevn.20120328.210302.pnd
2ae206e4   vilevn.pnd
464d8125   wesnoth-1.10.1-1.20120225.234057.pnd
757b7afd   wesnoth-1.10.2-1.pnd
292832ac   whitebutterfly.20120322.111616.pnd
643b9525   whitebutterfly.pnd
ec92045c   YamagiQuake2.20120402.013606.pnd
074fe1e3   YamagiQuake2.pnd

They did not match your dat
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: Cassiel on April 24, 2012, 06:19:26 PM
I've just checked 'Adamant Armor Affection Adventure' and I'm getting the same CRC32's off the files as you did. The packages were the same as in the DAT when downloaded (over the course of the last 2 months), and were the same up to a few days ago too. It's not unusual for a package to get 'replaced' on that repo I've found, but that's usually the odd one of two - this is certainly the first time there's been so many!

Not sure if OpenPandora have implemented some sort of change the last few days, I will need to investigate...
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: xvid on April 24, 2012, 06:21:18 PM
I get different CRCs when I download the files from with FF or with a download manager, with the download manager your CRCs are correct.
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: Cassiel on April 24, 2012, 06:24:17 PM
Woah woah woah....

Firefox (same as I'm using) = wrong CRC
Download Manager = correct CRC?

What download manager?

Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: xvid on April 24, 2012, 06:25:42 PM
Which is the right CRC? The one from FF or the one from the download manager, the CRCs should checkt against a other source as
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: xvid on April 24, 2012, 06:26:40 PM
the download manager is downThemAll!
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: Cassiel on April 24, 2012, 06:37:17 PM

These packages come from this repository. The packages where downloaded over the course of the last few months, so CRC = DAT. As off a few days ago, someone else downloaded all these packages again (in one go) and CRC = DAT.

If you are saying you are getting different CRC's depending on HOW you download these packages then something is screwy IN THEIR REPOSITORY. I would guess though that they have changed something in the site which is upsetting Firefox (or possible other browsers) and maybe adding an extra few bytes or something.

At the moment its impossible to say which are correct without investigation (mainly by the OpenPandora team).

Both the 'wrong' CRC packages and the 'right' CRC packages both validate (as in it is simply a compressed archive that can be decompressed/tested) perfectly.
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: Cassiel on April 24, 2012, 06:41:52 PM
Think I'm gonna have to test via a bunch of different 'methods' then give OpenPandora repo owner the results so they can work out whats going on.

How annoying....   >:(

Thanks for letting us know anyway....
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: xvid on April 24, 2012, 06:50:31 PM
I think the CRC from the download manager is correct.

I use Atari800 as example

936743bb   from with FireFox
936743bb   from with downThemAll!
944b245d   from with FireFox
936743bb   from with downThemAll!
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: Cassiel on April 24, 2012, 06:54:37 PM
Looks that way.....

Just tested using MS Internet Explorer and getting the 'right' CRC, so I'm guessing either:
- OpenPandora have (recently) changed something that isn't playing nice with FireFox
- Mozilla have recently changed something (less likely) that isn't playing nice with repo

Either way, there's the POTENTIAL that RECENT additions to the DAT could have wrong CRC depending in when this occurred, though I doubt this is the case since these DATs were tested by a 3rd party a couple of days ago.
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: xvid on April 24, 2012, 07:08:42 PM
I think your dat is correct and I think OpenPandora has a problem.
I hope they fix this.
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: Cassiel on April 24, 2012, 07:11:47 PM
Will go and inform them now..... thanks for the help.
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: Cassiel on April 24, 2012, 08:36:20 PM
I have started a thread on the OpenPandora forums so lets see what the find out....
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: Symmo on April 25, 2012, 12:06:07 PM
Had a look at those files in ff i do think its because they don't use a file size when downloading ,not the first time ff stuffs them up normally fall short.
U can use the about:config in the ff bar i guess its a internal setting.
But yes dta does them proper what i had to use in the past for stuff like this.
Looks cool that device wouldn't mind one :-)
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: Cassiel on April 25, 2012, 01:41:23 PM
You might be right there Symmo..... have mentioned it to them.

Not exactly like they making massive, educated strides on their own (/frustration).
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: xvid on May 01, 2012, 01:40:04 PM

can you help with the new "Sega Mega-CD & Sega CD - Firmware" and two of the pandoras?

Project - Starfighter v1.2.p.0 and v1.2.p.1 are deleted on
Title: Re: Cassiel WIP (v2012-02-29-v2012-04-23)
Post by: PandMonium on May 01, 2012, 03:56:01 PM
Hey xvid,

The project and this forum are dedicated to our efforts in cataloging history of older software and computers/consoles/whatever. We do not provide nor distribute roms especially around here and would like to continue that way in order to avoid possible legal issues. Hope you understand :)