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Romulus v0.029
« on: June 20, 2015, 03:25:35 PM »
F0XHOUND's Romulus has been updated to v0.029.

Further details can be found here:

- FINALLY Found the way to enable drag'n drop files to Romulus without dissable UAC (User Account Control) and the option to dissable UAC was removed.
- ADDED Support for import DAT from MAME based EXE with versions >=0.162 with -listxml or -listsoftware selection option.
- ADDED Import DAT MAME based EXE for MESS option to get softwarelists or bioses.
- ADDED Cached hashlist when scan. This will increase speed next time you scan including when profile is updated. Thanks to Kludge for the idea.
- ADDED Special code to increase compatibility with WINE for MAC and Linux.
- ADDED Italian language by Caboteta & Squalo.
- ADDED Italian OS detection language at Romulus first run and automatic setup.
- ADDED Korean language by Minsoo Jang.
- ADDED Korean OS detection language at Romulus first run and automatic setup.
- FIXED Displaying master relationship when Clone Set has only one ROM. This not affects to scan only displaying information bug.
- FIXED Importation wrong renaming duplicate Sets or ROMs.
- FIXED Rebuilding files detection with MD5 option enabled or when MD5 is automatic forzed because exists empty CRCs.
- FIXED Delete files inside Zip archives when it contains more than one file.
- FIXED Problems with Settings - Prevent sleep and poweroff. Now is more secure. No more shutdowns for Windows Updates when is scanning or fixing ROMs.
- FIXED RARE calculation bug when center windows on screen.
- FIXED "Insert next disk" message while trying to check if a file is Zip in some cases.
- FIXED Visual bugs and wrong themed objects when user changes from non themed to themed OS without restart Romulus.
- FIXED Non themed progressbar color compatibility.
- FIXED Non NTFS warning when drives are formated in ExFAT that supports more than 4Gb too.
- FIXED Log position problems when run scan/rebuild in batch mode.
- FIXED English translation corrections by Kludge.
- FIXED Portuguese translation corrections by Caboteta.
- IMPROVED CRC32 calculation speed.
- UPDATED CHDMAN to 0.162 version.