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Romulus v0.016
« on: August 27, 2012, 07:39:06 PM »
F0XHOUND's Romulus has been updated to v0.016.

Further details can be found here:

WARNING: This new version has important database changes and in first run your current database will be updated and can take several time. In my case more than 3000 profiles takes 1 hour. Be patient, the wait will be worth it.

- ADDED indeterminated progressbar on taskbar when a process is running. An inteligent way to know if Romulus is running a loop process without see the main window.
- ADDED scanner detail set list search in Google by CRC, MD5 and SHA-1.
- ADDED detection of number of CPU cores and dissable multicpu options if not multicore CPU exists in system.
- ADDED Multithread compression for RAR files forzing if available to compress and get extra compression speed.
- ADDED Jump to profile directory option at profiles list popup menu, this can be a good option to locate the current directory of the selected profile when showing all profiles at same time.
- ADDED Flashing taskbar when progress window ends and Romulus is not on top.
- ADDED Flashing taskbar for windows - New dat found and Dat update.
- UPDATED Database engine to last version 7.04, as result database seems more strong and best performance.
- UPDATED XP manifest resource file to a more complete version according to the last Windows OS.
- UPDATED CHDman to last version 0.146u5.
- UPDATED Unrar.dll to last version
- UPDATED RAR version to 4.20
- CHANGED Romulus database is updated with biggest params to support thousand of profiles without lose speed or have memory problems. When Romulus starts will check for new params, if are not present database will be updated, this can take time, please wait.
- CHANGED Webbrowser useragent changed to Mozilla/5.0 and download socket too, will increase compatibility with some urls.
- CHANGED Database flushing buffers when database hard operations ends, this will improbe security.
- CHANGED Not accepted inverted crc and wrong size for same rom as valid when scans or rebuilds.
- CHANGED Headers won't modify ROMs now, only will be checked.
- CHANGED profiles with headers enabled can be rebuilded but won't be modifed and only will checked using header rules.
- IMPROBED Hacks to increase speed of loading profiles, now profiles can be displayied 10%-400% more fast.
- IMPROBED destroying windows mode, this will increase the stability and prevent memory leaks.
- IMPROBED Generator reading files speed about 10%.
- IMPROBED Generator exportation speed about 20%.
- REMOVED the last UAC check when Romulus start, because some users reported problems with it.
- FIXED displaying Offlinelist wrong additional in list information like flags, langs, etc.
- FIXED Problems reading to display big profiles lists and finally showed as empty list.
- FIXED Generator reading files error when files to read are thousand and thousand.
- FIXED Deletion of files inside RAR archives when rebuild.
- FIXED manual extraction of compressed files by sets of incorrect folder.
- FIXED crazy flashing taskbar for Messages window.
- FIXED Edit popupmenu functions like cut, copy and paste at not main window.
- FIXED integrated webbrowser to read local files like html report exportations.
- FIXED rare bug destroying Querys, this will increase the stability of Romulus.
- FIXED detail scanner list displaying Edit information when different items are selected.
- FIXED content of scanner list when more than 1 profile is loaded and 1 of them is a importation update and is not the current selected at scanner tabs.
- FIXED some icon transparences problems.
- FIXED problem with color of some panels in some OS systems.
- FIXED minor general bugs.