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Romulus v0.013
« on: February 16, 2012, 05:56:21 PM »
F0XHOUND's Romulus has been updated to v0.013.

Further details can be found here:

- ADDED basic Web navigator to the first menu, user now can navigate to the wished URLs and Romulus links will be redirected to this navigator. To disable the redirection if user prefer his default OS navigator can do it in General - Settings menu.
- ADDED in Scanner/Rebuild configuration a default backup button, to return to the default backup path.
- ADDED Multicpu command to Zip and 7z compressions. This will increase the speed of rebuilding process for users with 2 and more CPU cores. Andrea Sassanelli suggestion.
- ADDED Custom automatic decissions for Scan/Rebuild processes, if you wish to fix files now don't need to wait to find it. The modified decission will be saved for each profile, and batch runs will have a default decision that user can modify. Default decission for batch runs will be saved in Romulus.ini.
- ADDED Accepted inverted CRCs. This means in some rare and very old dats, a bad dump is expressed as inverted CRC. Romulus will not try to remove it as normal, only will advert of this in log.
- ADDED Custom icons for baddumps and duplicates creation in log and custom icons for baddumps displaying roms list.
- CHANGED Decissions information for profiles will be saved on database. The first run of this version Romulus will modify the database to store this new records and can take some seconds to start.
- CHANGED Scanner option the close all tabs button is converted to a popup menu with more options to close tab profiles like close all complete profiles, close all incomplete profiles, close all not checked profiles, close all empty profiles and of course close all profiles. Lastagehero idea.
- CHANGED Scanner and Navigator tabs size is set to 250pix and not automatic, if tab caption is more long than tab will be trimmed but user can see the full description by a hint putting mouse over the tab.
- CHANGED Dat updater detection will be ignore the dat type of already existing profiles, only will compare the dat name. In this last weeks some dat groups updated his dats from clrmame format to xml format.
- CHANGED Remove agresive use of GetifOSis64bits function used always when a command line run is done. Just checked at start of application and stored in a variable.
- CHANGED in Scan if a file don't have CRC information and MD5 and SHA1 verification is not checked. Automatic will try to to check MD5 if available else SHA1 if available, if not the file is considered bad dump and check is passed.
- CHANGED before compress a file now is checked if both files are as read only and this property is removed to fix possible future problems.
- CHANGED removed MD5 and SHA1 availability when scan/rebuild window is displayed to increase the speed of the load information. The MD5 and SHA1 availability is moved to the start of scan/rebuild process and if a checksum is not necessary and is marked then automatic will be dissabled.
- UPDATED CHDMAN 32 and 64 bits to 0.145 version.
- FIXED Creation of baddumps for CHDs.
- FIXED Detection of duplicated ROMs at end of scan only for Offlinelist dat type.
- FIXED Exception in rare times when try to set Romspath using button in Scan/Rebuild window. Lastagehero bug report.
- FIXED fixing read error files for only compressed files with more than 2Gig.
- FIXED Finding an already existing dat to update when profile name has apostrophes. Bug is pressent at profiles tree list and can make exceptions when creating or editing folder names with apostrophes.
- FIXED rare UTF8 conversion at importation that very rare times returns an empty string and not converted string, losing this ROM line information.
- FIXED reading file inside zip files with special chars like  char that returns a wrong filename.This bug is not pressent reading RAR and 7z files. Lastagehero bug report.
- FIXED unnecessary CHD detection function when profile has not CHDs files. This decreased the rebuild speed.
- FIXED File in use detection if each file is set as read only.
- FIXED Removed .chd extension when export to XML dat a CHD file information.
- FIXED unnecesary rebuild more than 1 time the same files when profile has more than 1 path to scan like (Roms, Samples CHDs).
- FIXED Importation XML parser when the NAME param is not the next of ROM DISK or SAMPLE param, now can be unsorted.
- FIXED possibility to manipulate the application in the short time of drag'n drop some file inside for rebuild roms or add dats openning the doors for a bug. Now this possibility of bug is checked before drag n drop.

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Re: Romulus v0.013
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2012, 11:02:57 AM »
Thank you. Just a note. In updater window the text says "Press search button ..." but there is only Find button.