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Romulus v0.012
« on: November 11, 2011, 11:02:58 PM »
Here you got the new version and you can found it on

This are the changes

- ADDED Detection of bad dumps at end of Scan / Rebuild and Romulus asks to add it. Bad dump is detected when no CRC, MD5 and SHA-1 information found for a ROM.
- ADDED Detection of duplicated ROMs at end of Scan / Rebuild and Romulus asks to add it.
- ADDED Support for Zip64 format. This is support for big Zip files with more than 4Gb. Read and write it.
- ADDED UTF8 file format for DAT files supported and import it without errors.
- ADDED to XML parser full conversions of special chars based in numeric or hex codes.
- ADDED Importation displaying information about imported sets count and currect process inside importation.
- ADDED Proper German translation made by SpaceAgeHero, the old one sucks.
- CHANGED Recoded all XML parser, fixing some possible errors and cleaning code.
- CHANGED Recoded Scaning process fixing some rare but possible errors.
- CHANGED Now a compressed file with no files inside is checked as a single ROM in Scan / Rebuild process. Sometimes a small file, compressors thinks is a compressed empty file.
- CHANGED at Scan, CRC 00000000 or FFFFFFFF is considereded as a empty CRC information, included in baddumps creation process.
- CHANGED Compressed files with a password are skipped and not processed in Scan.
- CHANGED if checksum match in Scan but the filesize is different ROM is marked as valid but with a warning, in Rebuild file with wrong size will be marked as correct until a file with same checksum but correct filesize found.
- CHANGED One more time little optimization for Zip files scanning with hundred of files inside.
- CHANGED Adding path editbox to browserfolder dialogs.
- CHANGED Forze rebuild when multidisk compressed files are placed in romspath. Multidisk files are not acepted in romspath, must be single compressed file.
- CHANGED buttons sizes width to 90pix to fits fine the next future translations including the new German.
- CHANGED in Generator when getting information of compressed files if file is multidisk is checked as a single not compressed file.
- CHANGED Accepted Merged param at importation to force merging filemode for different filenames between master and clone set.
- CHANGED Initialization progress bar when start to Scan.
- IMPROBED Indexation at importing that increases a little bit the speed of scan.
- IMPROBED Speed of importation when profile has clones. TODO LIST DONE
- FIXED Importation in Clones relationship. If in Clone set a file exists in Master set automatic is merged.
- FIXED Importation before merging the checksum is checked and if not the same automatic the relation between master and clone is broken.
- FIXED Importation Bioses are removed from master and Clone sets and included in your own Bios set.
- FIXED Filesize reading for RAR files of more than 2Gb was wrong, now is correct. This affects to Generator, Scan and Rebuild make the process not works fine.
- FIXED importation filesizes larger than 4Gb now displays fine and not displays as 0 bytes. Reimport DAT to fix it.
- FIXED Getting big filesizes to compare to database obtaining a reading compressing file error.
- FIXED Broken relationship in Scan/Rebuild when Not merged filemode is set and profile has merge files or duplicates.
- FIXED Display list in Not Merged filemode when profile has merge files or duplicates.
- FIXED Roms counter in Not merged filemode when profile has merge files or duplicates.
- FIXED importation of CHD filenames in Clrmame pro dat files non in xml format.
- FIXED problems when Headers are active and CHDs exists in current profile.
- FIXED fixing file message that shows again and again included if user says yes to all when headers must be fixed. Thanks to SpaceAgeHero and Mr Ravic for bug report.
- FIXED Saving DATE field when new dat added and not updated for a old one. Thanks to Mr Ravic for bug report.
- FIXED folders detection at long path names at Scan.
- FIXED Bug in function removeconflictchars that is used to correct not valid filenames at importation. This bug is present in rare cases but can make errors on importation.
- FIXED Max log lines that displays wrong count.
- FIXED Change filemode in Properties using OK Button that causes the Main form can not be closed.
- FIXED minor general bugs.
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Re: Romulus Rom Manager 0.012
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2011, 12:53:28 AM »
- ADDED UTF8 file format for DAT files supported and import it without errors.

Good man...  :)