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Romulus 0.025
« on: August 27, 2014, 03:50:56 AM »
F0XHOUND's Romulus has been updated to v0.025

The list of changes:
- ADDED Importation check for correct checksum sizes.If is wrong then is saved as empty.
- IMPROVED Scan speed hacks. Now sets with thousand and thousand of ROMs runs scan fast and general performance too.
- IMPROVED Rebuilding files with some speed hacks.
- IMPROVED importation speed up to 50%
- IMPROVED Decreased database size by imported profile up to 20%
- IMPROVED Recount roms/sets function speed up to 200%
- IMPROVED speed of fixdat creation.
- FIXED Flashing and lost focus problem when scan/rebuild with Romulus hidden in tray.
- FIXED Importation Reading first ROM NAME description with some XML created using DIR2DAT.
- FIXED custom temporal directory in Settings directories option. Now can be set and remember it. Thanks to Executer.
- FIXED Torrent7z option, now works fine. Thanks to MrTikki
- FIXED Go to file option from popupmenu at Scanner master list.
- FIXED Move form effect when batch scan/rebuild opening window.
- FIXED some problems displaying forms on a multimonitor systems.
- FIXED minor bugs.

Further details can be found here: