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ClrMame Pro v4.0190
« on: May 29, 2015, 10:42:11 AM »
Roman Scherzer's ClrMamePro has been updated to v4.0190.

Further details can be found here: (or read below)

misc: updated engine.cfg to support MAME .162 (the emulator formerly known as MAME and MESS). You can ignore possible prompts regarding engine.cfg changes, they are normal and they only appear once per profile. The default entry MAME will now work for MAME >= .162. There is a new entry at the end of the list for MAME < 162 if you got the need to read in an old MAME binary. The OLD_MAME entry is for MAME < .84 where -listxml was not supported. Actually engine.cfg is an old quick way to support binaries which only have some output elements renamed and after my summer holiday I might think of a more generic or auto-detect way..but for now it is working fine. This change only affects direct import from the MAME binary. Reading in datfiles will still look at "game" and not "machine" elements.
fixed: game name check might produce a wrong warning for full merged chd sets where the parent does not have chds
fixed: sampleclones check for sample-only sets fails and reports missing sets