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Title: New Additions
Post by: Aral on January 07, 2011, 10:20:18 PM
The following have all been added ;)

IBM PC Compatibles - Books (TOSEC-v2011-01-07_CM)
IBM PC Compatibles - Games - Artwork (TOSEC-v2011-01-07_CM)
IBM PC Compatibles - Manuals - Games (TOSEC-v2011-01-07_CM)
Multi-format - Magazines - Hewlett-Packard Journal (TOSEC-v2011-01-05_CM)
Multi-format - Magazines - ZXShed (TOSEC-v2011-01-07_CM)
Sega 32X - Manuals - Games (TOSEC-v2011-01-07_CM)
Sega 32X - Manuals - Hardware (TOSEC-v2011-01-07_CM)
Sega 32X - Manuals - Technical (TOSEC-v2011-01-07_CM)
Title: Re: New Additions
Post by: BlueArrow on January 08, 2011, 02:41:23 PM

I've uploaded some scans to the FTP for IBM PC.

I'm still working on it and I'll send you a message when it was finished.
Scans contains: floppy disk labels, boxes, manuals (in PDF), and other papers.

All is scanned at 600dpi.

I'm scanning too ZX Spectrum cassette covers, NES, Game Boy, Megadrive and SNES cartridge labels and circuit boards.

Please, do not include this stuff for now in the dats because is still a work in progress.

Title: Re: New Additions
Post by: Aral on January 08, 2011, 10:23:53 PM
Hi Bluearrow, When i scan disks i usually scan the whole diskette like this example  Other than that thanks for all your help :)
Title: Re: New Additions
Post by: BlueArrow on January 11, 2011, 08:10:45 PM
I thought to do that initially but, due of the size of the files (we are scanning a very good quality, 600dpi), I decided that floppies are allways the same in appareance, so there is a lot of repeated and unnecesary data in the image.

Do you know

That guy has written a very interesting emulator. You can create your own virtual world and visualize the media, boxes, etc like 3D objects.
I decided to scan this stuff to be able to use it in an 3D environment like that in the future, like a virtual museum.
The only necessary thing would be the textures to be applied to the 3D models. I think floppy visual images should be generated from a 3D design done in 3D StudioMax or somethink like that.

But, if you want the complete floppy scans, I have no problem doing that. I can not re-scan some of the floppies already dumped and scanned because they have been sold or returned to their owners.

If you want, I can rescan the ones I have here or the ones to come.

And, finaly, not at all. i'm very happy contributing to this project because I think it is very important to preserve the beginnings of the computing history for future generations.