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Title: General question about TOSEC PIX
Post by: _vAn_ on September 21, 2014, 04:36:30 PM
I'm wondering if you can dissolve one doubt about the difference between the TOSEC main branch and the PIX one.

I know, please correct if I am wrong, that aim of the TOSEC project is to preserve each version of a game, ISO or cartridge. So it's normal to have several copies of a game, in fact there's a tag, "[a]", in the TOSEC naming convention, that helps to distinguish different hashes of the same game version. The ambitious aim is to recognize each file on the net.

When we speak about the PIX branch, I'd like to know if that objective is still valid.
I mean:
1) Let's suppose that I propose a new set of a magazine, not included in the main collection, with acceptable quality
2) the set is then included in official PIX branch, with different hashes since the files are passed through a script that make them 'standard' for TOSEC.
3) after some time I found/make better & higher quality PDFs of the same issues
4) I propose these new PDFs to be included in the PIX branch

Now the question is: are the better quality PDFs going to be included in TOSEC using a "[a]" tag, or are they going to substitute the original low quality ones?
My doubt is that, IMHO, the "[a]" tag is useful when you find different version of the same issue of a magazine and we want to identify each version.

Since each file that is a candidate for PIX branch is going to be updated/passed through a  script that, at the end of the day, change also the crc of the file, I'm wondering if, when I find a better quality PDF, I can delete the old one and suggest every time (each TOSEC release) a set with higher quality available.

I mean that files downloaded from the net will never be recognized by the TOSEC PIX dats, due to the scripts that change CRC of the files, and this make useless to have a [a] [a2] [a3] tags and dozens of almost equal files (because they have different hashes from the ones available on the net).

I hope that, even if my english is terrible, the doubt appear clear

Please let me know your thoughts,


Title: Re: General question about TOSEC PIX
Post by: Cassiel on September 24, 2014, 05:35:17 PM
When it comes to TOSEC-PIX *I* feel that if it's not a "real" alternative, just a better quality scan, then the BEST quality one should supersede the existing inferior version (inferior removed).

Aral can confirm however.
Title: Re: General question about TOSEC PIX
Post by: _vAn_ on September 29, 2014, 06:10:34 AM
I agree, if Aral will confirm I'll use it as general guideline for my next contribution to the project