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Title: Gamestar Magazine (German)
Post by: broxxer on January 15, 2016, 08:50:32 PM

i can provide all hashes of all issues of a German Gaming Magazine (original provided PDFs, no scans) named Gamestar.

i have a premium account on this page where i can download all issues for free. I want to contribute all needed informations 1997-2016. This are 222 issues until now.

i don't know what i have to do... can anybody help what for informations i have to provide? crc32b, sha1, md5, name, publish date, publisher... anything else?

Title: Re: Gamestar Magazine (German)
Post by: Duncan Twain on January 16, 2016, 10:27:25 AM
This one is for PandMonium ;)
Title: Re: Gamestar Magazine (German)
Post by: broxxer on January 16, 2016, 11:57:54 AM
Okay, i wait until he see this Post =)

Maybe he can give me some Informations about Contribution to TOSEC-PIX =)
Title: Re: Gamestar Magazine (German)
Post by: PandMonium on January 20, 2016, 10:03:32 PM
Hey broxxer!

That is interesting and I'm sure Aral would like that. TOSEC-PIX is a bit out of my scope, since Aral was the one dealing with them but since he has been away for long maybe @Cassiel could help us once he gets back.

So, if all the files are original and with quality, i suppose the steps would be:
a) rename each file according to our naming convention
b) generate a TOSEC XML dat (using clrmame pro).

Now, it all depends on how much time and effort do you want to apply, if only contribute the files info or go all the way and rename them all.

You may start by providing us the info and upload it to our ftp. Having the files in a folder, the hashes, file name and size are calculated and generated with clrmame pro dir2dat. PM me if you intend to do this so I can give you further instructions. If you want to rename them, it will take a bit more time and we can discuss it further in this topic.
Title: Re: Gamestar Magazine (German)
Post by: broxxer on January 21, 2016, 09:21:06 AM
I want to do all the needed Stuff. I want to provide the files, i have to do the work =)

My Problem is: Some issues of this magazin are one single pdf file. Some other issues are splittet to one pdf for every topic.
This issues are Provided in one ZIP file.

Now i have 2 choices:
1. i use the zip file, rename them and provide all needed data (i think this a realy bad idea)
2. i have to use sets like in "Tandy Radio Shack - Manuals - Hardware" for "TRS-80 Printer Parts (19xx)(Radio Shack)"

I hope, i dont have to rename every file in this "splitted" sets. Or i have to?
Now they look like this:
Can i leave this files and rename only the set?

I have to rename the Single files like this i think:
Gamestar (1997-08)(IDG Entertainment Verlag)(DE).pdf

This is not a big deal.

Another Question:
There are some other Magazines published from IDG. Like PC Player.
Here IDG is called "IDG Entertainment"
In DAT "IBM PC Compatibles - CD - Coverdiscs" you can find "GameStar 1997-12 (1997)(IDG)(DE)[Civilization for Networks].cue"
Here is IDG Entertainment called IDG. What can i use?
The full string from the Magazine is: IDG Entertainment Verlag GmbH
For TNC the only thing i have to is to delete company notations like PLC or Ltd.. GmbH is something like that...
I hope im not wrong with this =)

Regards, Broxxer
Title: Re: Gamestar Magazine (German)
Post by: PandMonium on February 08, 2016, 06:21:19 PM
Thanks for your interest and help then! :)

Well, renaming can be an iterative process IMHO and since conventions change, I believe it is better to have it renamed and saved, even if the names need to be further polished in the future. Still that does not means to just dump a truckload of new files and hope someone renames them later ;D

I think you can start with your initial idea, leave the original pdfs with their names and rename the zip (known here as the "setfile") with the proper TNC name. After that you will end with a folder full of zips (and pdfs inside), which belong all to the same Collection and create a datfile. That might be a good first renaming exercise and give you a datfile ready to submit. After that and if you feel like it would be better / be better organized to also rename the pdfs go for it.

As for the IDG vs IDG Entertainment, we don't have a 100% fixed rule or way to enforce that (at the moment). We try to minimize the usage of different "names" for the same groups, publishers and so on and also avoid enormous filenames. That being said, you can try to stick with what has been used before, if and only if, it makes sense and is the exact same company. If you think it would  be more correct to use IDG Entertainment (because it changed to that over time, is the most known name or whatever) you can use it too. Just make sure you are at least coherent in the same dat/collections and stick with the same choices.

Anything more we can help, just ask!