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Title: TNC vNext
Post by: Duncan Twain on August 21, 2021, 12:33:56 PM

I'd like to suggest a few changes to the current TNC:
- dumpflags should be able to contain a version, like [a2]. Now it's not clear whether [u2] etc is allowed
- dumpflags should all have a description (or the like), adding mainly to 'o', 'u', etc flags
- allow multiple languages to be added (now M3 is case of 3 languages)
- sorting of all lists like cracked/hacked/pirated
- 'Issue' support, much like version. Both roman and Arabic. Examples are 'title #2 (19xx)(pub)' or 'title IV (19xx)(pub)'

Oh, and the C64 sets contain many roms with round/square/curly brackets, which I think should be possible and probably supported in TNC (currently not described anyway).

Any thoughts?

Title: Re: TNC vNext
Post by: Cassiel on August 23, 2021, 09:20:48 AM
Lots of thoughts...  :)

Have a few things jotted down here and there, will post in this thread.