Author Topic: (Not so) newbie questions to proper renaming following TOSEC naming convention  (Read 8277 times)

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Well the only thing we need is publisher info, there may be sometimes ~3 different publishers for one game but all should have same developer, I think that earlier it was decided to use Publisher only because they are different sometimes and it would be easier to show with the publisher flag that 2 games for example are different.

Good point! And well thought too.

Of course it may be nice to know the developer too but TNC says publisher only and to be honest, I don't want to be the one that adds a developer to all the sets in my DATs, so I don't think that this will ever be changed in TNC.

Yeah, that's really allright. I don't think I'll be adding a zillion developers to the dats either. But who knows, I 've already added about 1800 country flags only to the MSX - Various - [DSK] items ;) No, not really, not with the developers. I'd like to keep myself sane ;)

Anyway I use system flags when I know that the game only runs for a specific Atari computer or Apple II (for example IIE / II+), I know that MSX uses alot of different descriptions but I'm not that familiar with them to help you.

Yes, that's the point. MSx is my cup of tea, so to say and I can tell you each of those system flags are required, really.

MSX2 software does not run in MSX hardware.
MSX2+ software does not run in MSX2 or MSX hardware.
MSX TurboR software does not run in MSX2+ or MSX2 or MSX hardware.

I think it may be clearer now. I thought I should discuss about this system flag issue with you before contacting PandMonium. So I think the importance of the different MSX system flags may be better understood now by anyone. Please, comment. I'd like to hear.


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