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Database / Datfiles / C64 Programs Extracted from Vinyl Record Tracks
« Last post by load81 on April 01, 2020, 07:03:28 PM »
So there are two videos on YouTube regarding the same band. Apparently back in the 1980's they had three albums and in two out of three albums they embedded short BASIC programs in what amounts to "track -1" of the record.

The relevant videos are:

From those two videos come two files a BASIC program that is little more than a text spalsh-screen written by one of the band members and another one written by someone else. The latter is in German  -- which is a bit strange because the albums were released in the US where English dominates.

I have some questions about the naming but my best guess is something like this:

Code: [Select]
desc: Electric Eye (1984)(Boldman, Loyd - Prodigal)(US)(en)
rom: Electric Eye (1984)(Boldman, Loyd - Prodigal)(US)(en).prg
size: 426
crc: 4013640732
sha1: 9dd664a4699aaf8c44eab0a939591bd06d31e404
md5: ddf7dadf7ddfda2ce6b3a697e2bc1d93


Code: [Select]
desc: Piggy (1986)(AS - Vielklang Musikproduktion)(US)(de)
rom: Piggy (1986)(AS - Vielklang Musikproduktion)(US)(de).prg
size: 4008
crc: 198605464
sha1: c07193a611f8feecea71839b604a5d9feaa815b9
md5: 3d6a8f46d7566ef0f8ae37e085946a53

Obvious questions are:

  • I'm not sure if the file type should be .tap or not, given that it's ultimately an audio file.
  • Given that it's just prints a splash screen should it be tagged as "BASIC" or "Easter egg" anywhere?
  • Should the media type be vinyl?
  • Does anyone have any idea who the heck "AS" is at Vielklang Musikproduktion?
Work In Progress / Newpain WIP
« Last post by newpain on April 01, 2020, 05:38:40 PM »
I have send links by mail on the contact @ tosec mail.

(translate with google translator)
I am an old french TOSEC contributor known by the pseudonym 'NEWPAIN'.
It has been a long time since I had contributed to the TOSEC project, for some time I have seen database projects related to retrogaming which are of importance for cultural and digital preservation in the world of which TOSEC with the renaming convention is the most understandable and clearest should be in the public interest.
This is why I work there, not all the time but at least I try to contribute to it. So below the link below which will slightly increase the TOSEC databases:


1- To Update (to update actuals BDD)

Amstrad CPC - Games - [DSK].tar.xz --- 1.4mo
Atari ST - Educational - [ST].tar.xz --- 269.3ko
Atari ST - Games - [ST].tar.xz --- 55.3mo
Atari ST - Operating Systems - [IMG].tar.xz --- 1.5mo
Bandai WonderSwan - Games.tar.xz --- 236.5ko
Commodore Amiga - Applications - Public Domain.tar.xz --- 3.9mo
Commodore Amiga - Applications - [ADF].tar.xz --- 3.7mo
Commodore Amiga - Collections - Amiga Amateur Radio User Group.tar.xz --- 4.7mo
Commodore Amiga - Collections - Assassins, The.tar.xz --- 4mo
Commodore Amiga - Collections - Bavarian.tar.xz --- 5mo
Commodore Amiga - Collections - MegaDisc.tar.xz --- 524.2ko
Commodore Amiga - Collections - TOGA.tar.xz --- 4.4mo
Commodore Amiga - Compilations - Applications.tar.xz --- 30mo
Commodore Amiga - Compilations - Games.tar.xz --- 3.3mo
Commodore Amiga - Compilations - Various.tar.xz --- 654.4ko
Commodore Amiga - Coverdisks - [ADF].tar.xz --- 1.8mo
Commodore Amiga - Demos - Animations and Videos.tar.xz --- 4.4mo
Commodore Amiga - Demos - Music.tar.xz --- 4.8mo
Commodore Amiga - Demos - Packs.tar.xz --- 34mo
Commodore Amiga - Demos - Slideshows.tar.xz --- 3.8mo
Commodore Amiga - Demos - Various - [ADF].tar.xz --- 10.7mo
Commodore Amiga - Demos - Various - [EXE].tar.xz --- 1.3mo
Commodore Amiga - Diskmags.tar.xz --- 17mo
Commodore Amiga - Docs.tar.xz --- 14.3mo
Commodore Amiga - Educational - [ADF].tar.xz --- 291.3ko
Commodore Amiga - Firmware.tar.xz --- 515.3ko
Commodore Amiga - Games - Emerald Mine.tar.xz --- 153.3ko
Commodore Amiga - Games - Public Domain - [ADF].tar.xz --- 12.3mo
Commodore Amiga - Games - Save Disks.tar.xz --- 37.5ko
Commodore Amiga - Games - Unofficial Addons & Patches.tar.xz --- 526.1ko
Commodore Amiga - Games - [ADF].tar.xz --- 96.2mo
Commodore Amiga - Kickstart-Disks.tar.xz --- 233.5ko
Commodore Amiga - Packmags.tar.xz --- 864.2ko
Fujitsu FM Towns - Games - [BIN].tar.xz --- 8.7mo
IBM PC Compatibles - Applications - [IMG].7z --- 32.6mo
Nintendo 64 - Games.tar.xz --- 608mo
Nintendo Famicom & Entertainment System - Games - [NES].tar.xz --- 1.4mo
Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Games.tar.xz --- 113.7mo
Nintendo Game Boy Color - Games.tar.xz --- 2.2mo
SNK Neo-Geo Pocket Color - Games.7z ---1.9mo
Sega 32X - Games.tar.xz ---15.5mo
Sega Mega Drive & Genesis - Games - [BIN].tar.xz --- 22.6mo


2 - To Add (new database)

Commodore Amiga - Collections - Amiga Magazin PD.tar.xz --- 103mo
Commodore Amiga - Collections - Amigan PD.tar.xz --- 4.8mo
Commodore Amiga - Collections - Time Disk Magazin.tar.xz --- 6.2mo
IBM PC Compatibles - Games - Addons & Patches [IMG].7z ---55.8mo
NEC SuperGrafx - Samplers.7z --- 72.5ko


3 - To Replace (all the roms wich are in the oldest TOSEC databases are in this archives)

IBM PC Compatibles - Compilations - Games - [IMG].7z --- 26.2mo
IBM PC Compatibles - Educational - [IMG].7z ---23.9mo
IBM PC Compatibles - Games - [IMG].7z --- 1.9go
IBM PC Compatibles - Operating Systems - [IMG].7z --- 575.7mo
NEC PC-Engine & TurboGrafx-16 - Games.tar.xz --- 274.2mo
NEC PC-Engine & TurboGrafx-16 - Samplers.tar.xz --- 3.3mo
NEC SuperGrafx - Games.7z --- 2.5mo
Nintendo Game Boy - Games.7z --- 135.6mo
Nintendo Super Famicom & Super Entertainment System - Games.tar.xz --- 3.3Go


Alert !!! On the Ibm PC Compatible, the formats :
IMG, IMA, DSK, VFD are the same "MFM RAW Format" I used on linux many of floppy disk applications like SamDisk, Disk-Utilities, Hfe disk Tools and others libdsk to manipulate IBM pc floppy images.
The IMZ is a zip format, example : you can change extension to zip and extract the image file as IMA format.
It's why, it is necessarly to goup the IMA, IMG, DSK, and VFD format in one database, i choose the IMG format wich is actually very usefull and used on the web.
I also have merged 3.5 and 5.25 format in one only database.
I work on virtual Box or Pcem all IBM PC disk and install them to test them, maybe, i have include some errors in databases but not very hards errors, littles errors ;)
For this time, it must be interessant to delete these databases :
IBM PC Compatibles - Diskimages - 3.5'' (TOSEC-v2014-06-30_CM)
IBM PC Compatibles - Diskimages - 5.25'' (TOSEC-v2014-06-30_CM)
IBM PC Compatibles - Games - [DSK] (TOSEC-v2018-07-01_CM)
IBM PC Compatibles - Games - [IMA] (TOSEC-v2018-11-15_CM)
To include all of the floppy disk images in one database as i have make my archive :
IBM PC Compatibles - Games - [IMG]

Like the IB PC Games, the OS database who need to be deleted :
IBM PC Compatibles - Operating Systems - [IMA] (TOSEC-v2018-11-15_CM)
IBM PC Compatibles - Operating Systems - [VFD] (TOSEC-v2018-11-15_CM)
To be include as i have make my os img archive
IBM PC Compatibles - Operating Systems - [IMG]

I am working on others database but more to come in next months ;)


Cordially, from Newpain ;)
The CRC/SHA etc. entries you give below are different to mine...

Most likely I fat-fingered something. 0:)  Presumably, your values are correct.

Been there done that :). Really appreciate the help, always happy for any assistance to clear up or add info to the database.
The CRC/SHA etc. entries you give below are different to mine...

Most likely I fat-fingered something. 0:)  Presumably, your values are correct.
Thanks for this, as luck would have it I'm currently working my way through the Apple II dats and trying to do cleanup and proper identification of a lot of titles, so this is really welcome.

I've grabbed the fixed disk image from the original blog post and it will be entered into the next update as
Code: [Select]
Three Mile Island Special Edition (1980)(MUSE Software)[f Jorj Bauer DOS 3.3]
The CRC/SHA etc. entries you give below are different to mine, are these from a clean copy of the disk as downloaded? I have the CRC of the disk image as 0FF8AEF3.

Out of interest, the 4am crack of the game available on the Internet Archive appears to be from a copy of the original disk, not one which has been transferred to a DOS 3.3 volume, as it seems possible to save to the disk without any issue. It seems to be the special version as well though, not the original.

I'll check the database for existing versions and make sure these are updated as needed.
I remember playing Three Mile Island on the Apple 2 as a kid. I went digging for the disk, and found that all known dumps of the disk had issues. It turns out that the original game was written for Apple DOS 3.1, but the dump was on an Apple DOS 3.3 disk. The disk format isn't backwards compatible, so attempts to save the game would crash the program. It looks like someone else encountered the same issue and released a fixed version of the game.

There is a detailed article on Hackaday.

Can this be added to the TOSEC database? I think an entry like this would be appropriate:

Code: [Select]
desc: Three Mile Island Special Version (1980)(Richard Orban)[f][apple dos 3.3]
rom: Three Mile Island Special Version (1980)(Richard Orban)[f][apple dos 3.3].dsk
size: 143360
crc: 219460168
md5: ae8c6c2fe05d22b8d4519a1c17eb0085
sha1: 7f274824e58320b984d0af0653aa831e2f0b156d

I am also curious if anyone has eyes on the original 1979 version of the game, it was written in BASIC, whereas the Special Version was a re-write in Assembly language. Does anyone have a copy of the BASIC version for inclusion?

Also, does this mean that the existing entries should be marked as [b incompatible dos] as well?
Thanks for the kind words, I have spent more than 12 years building DC dats, so I am glad to hear they are appreciated. :)

Work In Progress / Re: Duncan's WIP
« Last post by tomse on February 27, 2020, 08:26:48 PM »
same problem/solution, it's made for C64 loaders
Work In Progress / Re: Duncan's WIP
« Last post by yori yoshizuki on February 27, 2020, 08:02:36 PM »

General Discussion / Re: [NES] Study Box
« Last post by NLS on February 26, 2020, 06:08:46 PM »
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