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Title: Have you ever heard...
Post by: Cassiel on November 10, 2020, 02:43:36 PM
.... a credit card scream? I have recently.

Finally pulled the trigger and treated myself to an Analogue Mega Sg (with SMS adapter AND GG adapter AND MyCard adapter AND Mark III/SG1000 adapter AND 2x 8BitDo M30 Wireless Controllers).

I thought my daughter was a thing of beauty, but this thing comes damn close. Bloody should though at $189.99 for console + $49.99 for adapters + $49.99 for shipping + another £50 quid for bloody Import Duty. Then you got to buy controllers separately. That works out about $80/£60!

Has put a big ole smile on my face when it arrived this morning though!  :D
Title: Re: Have you ever heard...
Post by: Maddog on November 11, 2020, 07:46:24 AM
Should be a very cool thing to have, all early Sega stuff working in FPGA.
Please provide more feedback about it once you fiddle around with it for a while.
I am very interested in their Duo, as I have somehow amassed a pretty cool PCE collection and don't want to mess with the old NEC hardware needed to run all of them.
Title: Re: Have you ever heard...
Post by: Cassiel on November 11, 2020, 10:13:10 AM
Will do... Just need to do so when wifey not around! Might have to convince her its a cheap Chinese TV-Game knock off from Amazon first... LOL

They do some really cool stuff. Only problem is cost (obviously) but also they are such small runs. I understand both points, they are very niche products, but it is frustrating. If you miss a pre-order for example (I've noticed in the past) for even a day for anything limited edition (the Nt Mini Noir springs to mind) then good luck.... you got no chance buddy, despite having wads of $$$ to throw at them.

Was going to get a Super Nt previously (don't worry I'll wash my mouth out with soap later!!!) but waited too long, deliberating over the cost, and pffft all sold out.

Yeah, the Pocket looks very cool (and flexible)... can feel my fingers getting itchy in May already.