Author Topic: Would like to contribute my IBM Diskimages  (Read 9725 times)

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Re: Would like to contribute my IBM Diskimages
« Reply #15 on: January 29, 2011, 12:52:21 PM »
Hi again,

here my last contribution for now, I uploaded all my images which differ from ones already in the TOSEC dat, or which differ from the ones uploaded by vicvan.

Here the archive:

And here the description:

Castles (3,5")
My images have different checksums than the ones from vicvan. Can be that it differs, because my version is the european version.

Die Hard (5,25")
Disk 2 has a different checksum than the one from vicvan, the 1. disk is the same checksum.

Legend of Kyrandia - Hand of Fate (3,5", German)
All 8 disks have different checksums than the ones from TOSEC! I'm sure my dump is perfect!

King's Quest IV (3,5")
Also different checksums on all disks, think my dump is perfect.

Links 386 Pro (3,5")
1. disk has different checksum than the 2 by vicvan, could be a 3rd different version, other disks are the same.

Larry 2 (5,25")
1. disk has different checksum than TOSEC's and the one from vicvan. Mine should be perfect, nothing modified (no resource.cfg)! Other disks are the same.

Larry 3 (5,25")
All disks completely different checksums than the one from TOSEC. Perfect dump!

Pizza Connection (3,5", German)
Both disks have different checksums than TOSEC's, which have modified bootsector. Mine are perfect (I think...  ;))

Syndicate (3,5", German)
Couldn't check the images from TOSEC. Can someone check and tell if it's different or not? Should be perfect dump!

X-Wing (3,5")
5th disk differs from TOSEC, all other are same. The images from TOSEC say German version, but it's not! It is all englisch, but it is the version which was sold in Germany!

And now finally all dumps from TOSEC or vicvan which I can confirm as perfect dumps.

Battle Isle (3,5")
Die Hard (3,5")
Doom 2 v.1666 (3,5"), alternative version from vicvan
Populous (5,25")
Populous - The promised Lands (5,25")
Police Quest 1 (5,25")
Wing Commander Privateer - Righteous Fire (3,5")
Wing Commander Privateer - Speech Pack (3,5")
Sim City 2000 (3,5")
Spear of Destiny (3,5"), alternative version from vicvan
X-Wing - B-Wing (3,5", de)



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Re: Would like to contribute my IBM Diskimages
« Reply #16 on: January 30, 2011, 04:54:13 PM »
Thank you for all your work :)

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Re: Would like to contribute my IBM Diskimages
« Reply #17 on: January 30, 2011, 04:57:04 PM »
Thanks dosjunkie. Would you like to have other place to up your contributions instead of uploading it to rapidshare and similar sites?

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Re: Would like to contribute my IBM Diskimages
« Reply #18 on: January 30, 2011, 05:58:33 PM »

Sure, that would be good. I am a little sceptical about Rapidshare or other fileuploading systems concerning the safety. Best would be you PM me about it.

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Re: Would like to contribute my IBM Diskimages
« Reply #19 on: February 13, 2011, 06:08:54 PM »
Hi there again,

I think it's time for a little update. Here some more good dumps and some dumps where I have different checksums than the images from TOSEC.

Here we go, first the good dumps:

Name:   Dynablaster

Year:   1992
Version:   Europe
Language:   Englisch
Format:   1x 3,5" DD
Developer:   Hudson Soft
Publisher:   Ubi Soft Entertaiment
EAN/UPC:   3362931748367
Copy Prot.:-

1. Disk:   C4ACD9F2731D9D80EDA759D9833CC1C4E4C064EA   DYNABLASTER


Name:   Jagged Alliance

Year:   1995
Version:   US
Language:   Englisch
Format:   8x 3,5" HD
Developer:   Madlab Software
Publisher:   Sir-Tech Software
EAN/UPC:   5018247929249
Copy Prot.:-

1. Disk:   08B2E9C3310DE67378B116ABA970C32EE0DA9A60
2. Disk:   AC26055B1D5C7251210F95454B6653E55A7A2A21
3. Disk:   145316CFDEEF7FF50783ED849A738015C506BB1C
4. Disk:   ADA5AF86547143A819F9FC39033472F569A5F882
5. Disk:   1E3AB548C8AFE2F467B592158E629C90440772E2
6. Disk:   E2930D9298B5589937A3952A35A5C0B995E8BCC0
7. Disk:   7F348B8ACB589FA876A071DBDBE75314C95BFAC9
8. Disk:   A5FAAB38C2036965ED5F2B53A0E2AC3A5361978F


Name:   Lotus - The Ultimate Challenge for your PC

Year:   1993
Version:   Europe
Language:   Englisch
Format:   1x 3,5" HD
Developer:   Magnetic Fields
Publisher:   Gremlin
EAN/UPC:   5013658080664
Copy Prot.:Codewheel

1. Disk:   16756F96D9FB444DDEA58969B354FE205C1701C6


Name:   Schwarze Auge, Das - Die Schicksalsklinge

Year:   1992
Version:   German
Language:   German
Format:   1x 3,5" DD & 2x 3,5" HD
Developer:   Attic
Publisher:   Fantasy Productions
EAN/UPC:   4002998017127
Copy Prot.:Manual + Map

1. Disk:   05BA69EDAE838BA4E975F13F4918B59FF55182E3           DSA I 3 1
2. Disk:   6F42FACBA3AF8F4787D3A7AF28ADFCC3F295A9F8   DSA I 3 2
3. Disk:   A3D77DE59AD48A747ED2966EEE2D23F5C261818E   DSA I 3 3


Name:   Space Quest IV - Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

Year:   1991
Version:   US
Language:   Englisch
Format:   6x 3,5" HD
Developer:   Sierra
Publisher:   Sierra
EAN/UPC:   2062685397
Copy Prot.:Manual

Startup Disk:D749D73C248B314DA00AC2C07281710418361393
1. Disk:   08F35CF6B2E3E959006ED5689F4BAC73599D1968
2. Disk:   EB1AFAF23FCE727E1F9AF40AEE061ED0C7B55D01
3. Disk:   BCC37DBC567714E6A7A4DFCBFB2903DB3C125685
4. Disk:   8469AB172EB6B79A3C1D5852DD22CE3387585065
5. Disk:   EA69F9E6932081A5B7CD6C820774EF03432DF88D

This is a different version than the one already in the DAT!

And now the images from me with different checksums or other differences:

Beneath a Steel Sky:
First of all, the version in the TOSEC DAT is NOT the French version! It is the European version which i have too. It is in 3 languages, english, german and french. The 1. disk differs in checksum (mine is 3DAC77D62ED140CA87F659EBAAB0131A7A4DA670), all other disks have the same checksum like mine. I uploaded all my images.

Bundesliga Manager Hattrick:
I have the 1 disk version, in the TOSEC DAT is the 2 disk version. My disk has the same files as the 1. from TOSEC, only the file "install.exe" differs in filesize and so does the checksum (mine is 18610925262D411F3184F835B60F8A1FCAEF2CDE). I'm not sure, if it is a completely different version...

Sam & Max - Hit the Road (de):
The 1. disk from TOSEC is modified, it has a Windows 95 bootsector and the files all have an "access-date" dated in 1996 stored in it. My dump from the 1. disk (CBBB19389DCD0B5621663F0CA96FC3B77B869552) is perfect, it is not modified. All other disks are the same as mine.

All files are uploaded on ftp.

Before I forget, when will the new .dat be released? I know, when I always upload new files, it will never...  ;D I would only like to know how far the work is done there.

See ya...


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Re: Would like to contribute my IBM Diskimages
« Reply #20 on: February 14, 2011, 08:05:25 AM »
Dosjunkie,  You are finding different crc's for some games as the existing ones in TOSEC were originally .img and have been renamed to .ima.
I am converting them to .ima so they are correct.  There are also files that were simply added to a winimage blank disk which need to be addressed.

As for the new dat it is coming along slowly.  So far i have added about 2500 new images and renamed most of the old ones.  I have many images left to add so am waiting to get everything sorted before releasing a new dat.