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Title: Very Old Time with a Newbie Question
Post by: trs80dotcom on January 24, 2011, 07:28:47 PM
Greets - I was a TOSEC member back in the days of Grendel and TIM.  I see that TOSEC has sprung to life again, and I had what would be a very newbie questions ...

... TIM was a great utility which created all the necessary directory names, etc., as it scanned directories.   Does the current (1/19/2011) CM Dat, when coupled with ClrMame, also rebuild directory names?  Are there any special settings to get it to do so?

I want to take my super old TOSEC directory (and my UNKNOWN directory), and scan/rebuild/sort to take advantage of the new DATs since 2009 automatically.

Title: Re: Very Old Time with a Newbie Question
Post by: PandMonium on January 24, 2011, 08:49:54 PM
Hi there,
In the datpack there are some scripts (see folder "misc") to create the necessary folder structure (and move scripts to use with rom managers).
I don't use cmp for some time but afaik but you used to have to create all dat profiles and folders to scan it all. It has batch scanner/rebuilder features nowadays but it still is a bit complicated.
On the other hand there is a newer rom manager named romvault which is able to rebuild sets the same way TIM did, but without the bugs and errors i hope - never tried it.

F0XHOUND also has some newer rom manager tool but i know even less about this one. I'm sure our members will help you ;)
Title: Re: Very Old Time with a Newbie Question
Post by: Symmo on January 25, 2011, 02:59:26 AM
hi (
I made a setup of clrmame here ready to go i have been using it and it seems ok.
Download this and u will see the layout in the datfolder
But the way to use it by right mouse click on new profiles then using run profile/s with batchmode (not left click)
It in the naming mode on the 3rd tab that does the folder mode i have put them on folder mode not datfile name etc.. (datfilename will make the a folder with datfile name in the subdir we want it removed and use the foldername the dat is in).
Anyway in the misc tab select the path u want like d:\
which will create d:\Tosec (<- Tosec comes from the name in the dat folder it copies the layout in there)(so foldername =the folder that dat is in and yes if 2 dats in there will go into the same folder so bad)
then all subdirs (systems in our case) under that
Anyways its ready to go to r:\ by default so just change that and try
With rebuilder turned off it will just make folders first so u can see if the outcome is right.(left click on profile after that so u can one at a time )
Will make another movie and upload this time a lot slower people still dont get it .
One u have the layout in the datfolder takes about 5secs in batchmode to set.