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TOSEC Release (2021-02-14)
« on: February 15, 2021, 03:58:22 PM »
New release time!

The pack can be now found in our downloads section. As always, make sure to peruse the readme.txt (or below) and feel free to join in in the forum with any related discussion.


The Old School Emulation Center

It's Valentine's Day and because you're all very special to us, we've
worked heart and soul to put together a very special TOSEC release for

duncantwain has continued his lifelong love affair with the Commodore
C64, bringing thousands more fixes, updates and changes in this release.
It looks like our Commodore powerhouse's eye may have been caught by a
couple of the C64's relatives, as this latest release also brings some
changes to the C128 and VIC-20. We've no doubt this is just a harmless
flirtation and that his devotion to the C64 remains unwavering. Our
Amiga contributors, crashdisk and mai, meanwhile, have continued their
labour of love in cataloguing every possible piece of software out there
for the system.

mictlantecuhtle, meanwhile, has returned to his first love, the Sega
Mega Drive and has added hundreds of new files as well as some tweaks
and changes to existing files. In classic "distracted boyfriend" style,
his eye has of course been caught by some other systems that need a bit
of love, so we've also got some minor additions to the long-neglected
Acorn Archimedes.

We've seen an old flame reignite in the past months with Cassiel's
return after several years away from the project. We've no doubt that
his new submissions for the Analogue Mega Sg, Nt Mini Noir and Super Nt
are but the first sparks of a rekindled love for all things emulation.

Last but by no means least, ladyeklipse, our ZX Spectrum superstar, has
returned with a truly staggering set of new dats for the system. It's
clear that her passion for the Spectrum knows no bounds and we hope all
you Speccy fans out there enjoy!

We have to give our thanks to Zebrasqual on the forums, who pointed us
in the direction of some more EACA Colour Genie software. That means
these dats now have a significant amount of the output of the British
publishers of software for this machine added as well. Many others have
contributed files, notes and corrections and these are really valuable
too, so please let us know on the forums if you're able to help improve
our database in any way.

It's time now to come out of our rooms filled with old computers and
spend some time with our real-life loved ones - until next time!