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TOSEC Release (2020-10-31)
« on: October 31, 2020, 08:22:02 PM »
New release time!

The pack can be now found in our downloads section. As always, make sure to peruse the readme.txt (or below) and feel free to join in in the forum with any related discussion.


The Old School Emulation Center

The TOSEC team are back again with a super-scary new release for Halloween!
(Well, what's mostly scary about it is the amount of fixes duncantwain has made
to the Commodore dats). Maddog was insane enough to add them up and came up with
the number 4-5-7-3-4, but nobody bothered to double check that so we can't
guarantee that they are not any other massive number. Maddog has not done
addition since leaving elementary school sometime in the previous century and he
couldn't use his paws to help him due to the big numbers of files involved.

A little shorter release this time due to the smaller gap between releases, but
there are still plenty of new additions and changes. Celebrating his 10th
anniversary with TOSEC in style is duncantwain, who has this time put a mammoth
effort into clearing up and fixing the Commodore C64 dats. We can't even imagine
what he will be up to in the coming 10 years! mictlantecuhtle, meanwhile has
continued his efforts to catalog the neverending piles of Apple II software,
with a few other obscure systems in the mix as usual. These include a complete
overhaul of the EACA Colour Genie dat, which presumably will make 1-2 persons in
Germany very happy since this system was mostly popular there and nobody else
has ever heard about it.

This release also features some significant additions to the Nintendo Game Boy
and SNES systems from Newpain. These systems have languished due to the fact
that the TOSEC team has a notable Sega bias, so it's good to see someone willing
to dedicate the time and effort to the less good side of the console wars. We
hope to see more work on them in the near future! Maddog wanted to drop Nintendo
dats altogether instead, but we beat some sense into him using a Blue Spiny
Shell and a Racoon Tail. He relented and went away subdued, only to come back
with some updated TOSEC ISO dats for 3DO, Gamecube and Saturn.

Finally, we have to thank all those who have contributed notes, updates or
corrections on the forums. This is a big effort and there will always be
mistakes and errors. The more feedback we get the better the dats will be!
Please keep sending them in! Have a safe and socially distanced Halloween and
we'll see you all again very soon!


All folders and contents should be self-explanatory. All necessary
CUEs are also included. There are also some scripts included to assist
in creating TOSEC folders, and some 'move' scripts for those of you
using RomVault. As usual, be careful with long pathnames in some OSes.
Best advice is to use your folders as close as possible to the root of
the drive.

For all the latest work-in-progress news, as well as expanded details
on all upcoming changes and additions, keep up to date by visiting us


The TOSEC Team

TOSEC/: 1993 DATs (44 new / 167 updated / 4 removed)

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Re: TOSEC Release (2020-10-31)
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2020, 08:22:36 PM »
Well done everyone involved!  :)