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Title: Now what?
Post by: NLS on April 02, 2018, 08:41:38 AM
I expected (and wanted) yesterday post to be half April Fools.
Then verified from a couple of sources that it wasn't.

I never expected TOSEC to stop as a project, irrelevant of central maintainer.
I understand that the original project people are tired (?) with this, yet I don't understand why this couldn't get the shape of an open-source-like project (obviously loosely using the term) and have some new people in the team that can keep it going.

After all, I am sure many system maintainers indeed have works in progress not yet published - like Helga still doing Spectrum cleanup, newly discovered Amiga collections (BS1 etc.) and so on.

I always considered TOSEC the mother preservation project (with MAME being the machine "father" preservation project) and always found stupid other conflicting attempts of others to do the same (except when there was a clean different mission statement, like no-intro, except that again TOSEC could be the super-set OVER that). I always believed in cooperating (but of course there was always conflict - people outside will never be sure who is to blame, usually both sides).

For ISO sub-project, it is true that TOSEC gave some "space" for others, as it didn't seem super active the last few years.
For PIX sub-project, also there are some very respectable alternatives (DMC?).
But I still believed TOSEC could be the one to (protectively) cover them all (and I was obviously wrong).

Anyway, I still believe this project HAS A REASON to exist, so I propose (and expect) the original team to not just kill something "bigger than themselves" and instead provide a smooth path for the project to evolve.

Hope for the best.
Title: Re: Now what?
Post by: Maddog on April 02, 2018, 10:04:35 AM
Thanks for the kind words.
As you can now see in the main page, you only fell victim to our little April fools joke.  0:) 0:) 0:)
We are looking forward to making more releases.  :)
Title: Re: Now what?
Post by: NLS on April 02, 2018, 10:24:12 AM
There are many insults coming through my mind, in all the languages you can speak, but I feel much better now. Thanks. :D
Title: Re: Now what?
Post by: Crashdisk on April 02, 2018, 07:05:13 PM
Even if it is true that we all have more or less complicated phases in our lives, the project continues to live thanks to all contributors and encouragement to continue  O0