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« on: September 08, 2021, 07:38:14 PM »
Are the TOSEC releases released under a certain license? I'm guessing the DATs at least would be regarded by most as in the public domain, seeing as they are simply collections of factual data.

One way to make it clearer could be to include a comment in the DATs similar to what MAME does, something along the lines of:

Code: [Select]
<!-- license:CC0 -->
I guess some would regard that as unnecessary. Still, just thought I'd throw that out there.

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Re: License
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Re: License
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It's an interesting question for sure - not one that's ever really occurred to me before but it looks on first glance like database rights are a thing both in the UK and EU where (I think) most of the TOSEC members are from.

For sure it seems that we meet the criteria that
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Database rights automatically subsist if there has been a "substantial investment in obtaining, verifying or presenting the contents" of the database. ( Quite how that works when TOSEC is a collection of volunteers and not an entity in its own right is another matter...

One to discuss and decide amongst the team but thanks for bringing it to our attention!