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Title: Happy About Recent Activity
Post by: captcpsc on October 05, 2010, 01:16:16 PM
I was very excited to logon to the board and see some recent activity in two sections of the forum.  It be awesome to have a psudo check-in.  To try and figure out a current roll call and sorta post what positions need someone to fill them.  Since the FORUM link doesn't work on the site, it be nice to have members from that group chime in as well.  I think knowing all the "ACTIVE" players would be super helpful.
Title: Re: Happy About Recent Activity
Post by: PandMonium on October 05, 2010, 02:59:43 PM
(At least since we launched this new website) The project has been always active, obviously there are periods of time where more members are busy and tend to disappear / be a lot less active but there is always someone working on it (i talk just for the main branch :P) and things going on that are not always accessible to the outside :P

As for the active members, unfortunately i don't have it updated / available easily on the website and i can't give you info on toseciso part, for the main branch i guess i can give you an idea with the following picture. Those are the guys currently active in the main branch, that appear from time to time around here and work on the project (the functions and dats is nothing relevant :P). There are also others not yet on the list that may be added in the future if they show interest in working continuously on this (for example the new helpers around right now).

The list is not that useful since it doesn't show what each member is doing and in each dat they are working, that information is on my TODO list until i find some free time to think about it.
Title: Re: Happy About Recent Activity
Post by: captcpsc on October 05, 2010, 04:28:20 PM
This is a very nice list.  The one I can never seem to track down or get a hold of via anything is idoru.  I think he is also a big player in the TOSECISO side.  He is the person I would most likely like to get to know better and work with.  I think the TOSECISO site has an amazing framework and would love to make some small updates to it; including the Platforms that are not represented.  I'm KNOW the dat's have to be generated from somewhere and the information is out there to generate them.....I just would like to have access to that raw information and aid in making sure it is represented well.  Even finding 2nd dumpers to verify the isos so that they can be released would be something I would enjoy doing.